Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Holidays end

It's a long summer break, about 5-6 weeks, we won't be going anywhere as we just back from Melbourne trip not long ago. Searching high and low for some classes or courses for kids, so that the holidays won't be just wasted without doing anything meaningful. 

Always wanted to try horse riding, as heard from a good friend that horse riding is very good for children, there is a therapy called equine therapy, on top of that, sun, soil, sweat, and animals, natural resources, why not? 

Can't believe how much they enjoy horse riding, they will ask thousand times, are we going to horse riding? Tiffy is progressing very well, @ lesson 11th, she is doing jumping position, in another hand, Cayden is getting more used to horse rhythm, rising trot is getting better too. 

Signed up rock climbing course at camp 5. Their coach Mike is very experience and get along well with kids. Tiffy physical coordination and movement are always lacking behind, with friends companion, encouragement, she is trying her level best in each lesson. Cayden is slightly better. Glad that I signed them up for this course, endurance, problem solving, overcome fear and physical strength, I can see they learned so much. 

They requested daddy to get certified so that they can climb again without coach supervision, another item in this year to do list. 

Tiffy signed up for sewing class too, over the 4 weeks, she learned to sew needle cushion, skirt, bag and bookmark, she learned how to operate a simple sewing machine too. 

I didn't have the feeling that wishing them faster get back to school this holiday. Maybe because holidays were well spent, with lots of swimming time, crafting time, friends time, family times, story times, drawing times, play time, and they get to learn some new skills too. 

Tomorrow, they are going to go back to school as year 2 and year 4 students, that's fast! Time for me to arrange a new schooling year activities and time table, hoping for a good start tomorrow 


3 years ago and after

Asking them to let me snap the same photo as per the one I have 3+ years ago, it's like pulling cow up the tree, bribe, talk nicely, talk fiercely, talk sadly, at last only they settled for some sweet treat, yet, during the process of positioning, one yell one shout one joke one laugh one lean on one another making everybody fell, how long this drama gonna ends, just a 5seconds photo shoot right, can't b very difficult isn't it? 

Compared this photo, it was a bliss when i snapped the photo, if my memory serves me right! 

They are growing up each day, Heston's hands are long now, Tiffany is growing taller, Cayden no longer having the baby toddler face. 

Initially wanted to have any photo replicate too, but the level of difficulties to settle 3 of them at the same time, I guess I better to keep the memory sweet. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

You will go blind

I was looking at the phone after cuddling pillow talking kissing hugging with him, and he said : mummy, u know I already tell u many times, no phone at night, your eyes will go blind. The most effective way and most influenced people, immediately put down the phone and continue with the cuddly and huggy, good night world, Good night my babies ❤️

Heston @ 3 years 9 months 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Learning drum

It's the 6th lesson with new teacher, he still very anticipated for the lesson every week, having his first pair of own 'drum stick' made him even more happy to attend the class. 

We were early to class, hence he managed to practice a while before class started, I can see his rymthymic still need a lot of improvement, seeing him happily and trying hard to follow the rymthym, I should work hard to find alternatives to help him improve too. 

In the same music room, there is a mini drum set, I instantly think of Heston, maybe it's time for him to pick up an instrument, violin? Piano? Or drum?