Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Progress report for Tiffany, a happy one

Was at Tiffy class to pass something to the teacher for next term entry point and had a casual chat with class teacher

Teacher showed me the result of Tiffany recent assessment, English level 4c (previously 3c) and math 3a (previously 3c), I'm super happy with the result, hard works does pay off ya

Monday, March 7, 2016

Who make you old?

I always ask u

I carry boy boy now, when mummy old, will boy boy carry mummy? 

I drive car bring boy boy go out, will boy boy fetch mummy go out when mummy is old?

I bring boy boy watch movie, when mummy old, will boy boy bring mummy go watch movie? 

When mummy scared, who protect mummy? 

And I didn't know 'when mummy gets old' is something out of your sense and knowledge until you asked me 

You : who make you old? 

Me : errr, time, boy boy

You : how time make you old?

Me : time tik tok tik tok then boy boy big boy mummy old already lo

You : *still looking puzzle**

How good if my boy boy grow up but mummy daddy never grow old, time ah time, why you make me old, so fast....

Still a passionate ballerina

This is the 4th or 5th year you learn ballet, going to b a grade 1 ballerina soon. 

Your ballet teacher told me during the last lesson, that she realised u have growth so much taller (alright, u r already very tall all the times), and ur muscles are different now, change to the muscles n frame that a dancer should have, and she likes it. 

Having to say, a good teacher is really important in keeping the interest n passionate of the students. You are blessed to meet her as ur ballet teacher. 

Mummy is unsure how would b your future, but to have a hobby a passion a skill is very important, I'm happy that u enjoy ballet so much 

Tiffany @ 7 years 8 months 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

New mummy

Most of the night, I gotta sleep side by side with Heston before he goes to dreamland, he will remind me don't look at the phone, daddy said cannot

Tonight while I was looking at phone again, he reminded me, after I put down my phone, I told him I love you, then our conversation started

Me : Hes Hes, do u want a new mummy??
You : no, I want you to b my mummy
Me : new mummy will buy you hot wheel car ?
You : who new mummy?
Me : err, maybe Kara's mummy? 
You : no
Me : how about Bala's mummy?
You : Bala no mummy, Bala only has daddy
Me : how about Diego's mummy?
You : I don't want new mummy, new mummy is ugly
Me : (so happy in the heart) mummy pretty or ugly?
You : pretty (while touching my face with his tiny fingers)
Me : mummy where pretty? 
You : (pointing) eyes, eyebrow, mouth, chin, teeth also pretty
Me : (floating on the cloud) I love boy boy too, thank you for being my boy boy
You : (continue touching my face, and sleep side by side hugging me)

What a sweet conversation with u, my 3 years 3 months boy 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Think out of the box cayden

On the way to school, we have casual chat in the car

Me : as busy as ....?
Tiffy : as busy as a bee
Cayden : it should b as busy as MUMMY, because you are always busy

Tiffy : mummy, why dayi's eyes are so big and your eyes are so small ?
Cayden : I know! Because dayi is 大姐, kaikaiahyi is 二姐, and you are 小姐, so you have the smallest eyes.
It's indeed very fun to pay full attention listening to your naive conversation at this age, always creative and always out of the box