Friday, October 7, 2016


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Monday, October 3, 2016

First piano competition

You participated your very first piano competition in life. Bravery stand in front of the audience and play the song without mistake, in daddy mummy's eyes,  you already are the winner of the day! 

Beethoven 15th Asia Pacific competition
Piece : cantabile (grade 2)
Location : Armada hotel pj 

Friday, September 30, 2016

4 years ago

Facebook prompted me these photo back in 2012, can't remember where did we go, leaving behind Cayden and Heston in grandma's house.

Tiffy was 4 years 2 months and Cayden was 2 years 8 months. Both of you are so much independent compared Heston at same age. 

Received this surprise from BB, how lovely she is! 

Sent a photo to hubby, asked is this from u? He answered: I feel so sad and no face, who sent it to you? Wuahahaha! I know you love me so much so much, even this year cake and flower also not from u, but no worries, be happy ya 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Officially 34

Me : Hes, today is mummy birthday, can you sing birthday song to me?
You : happy birthday to you.....How old are you mummy?
Me : 34
You : are you going to die? 

😂 you still have a very long time to be nagged by mummy before I die, till then love you, thousand much 

* Cayden went to dreamland before Tiffy's piano ends, and Tiffy requested an empty space to be spared in the photo so that we can photoshop cayden's portrait in tomorrow. 

IPC challenge

To work with u of your ipc challenge makes me realize I have so much to learn too.

Capture each and every projects that we did together, as a memory in future 

Benchball match

You worked very hard, I can tell from your own initiative and will to practice and makes your plan works. 

Looking at the team scored and cheer for the team, I feel the glory and so proud of you! 

Sport match is important to children, by doing it, the kids can tell you their happiness, unhappiness, dissatisfaction, and then from there you can teach them so much about life, some useful tips from a good friend! 

Mummy is your little cheering leading team, and also your fans today 

You are super happy on the way back home, talking non stop about the match!

Well done girl!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Little helper

You and daddy have a love hate relationship. Most of the time, you said, I don't want daddy, I don't like daddy, daddy do me! Daddy is bad guy!

Sometimes, you want nobody but only daddy, because only daddy will let you wash car and play water at the same time, only daddy will let you hands on drilling, screwing and hammering, only daddy will bring you out to cycling and kick ball. 

Fixing your toy trolley together 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Imagination and logics thinking

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Early birthday celebration

It's my early birthday celebration! Dine out in a fine dining restaurant make me tense up usually, of the noise level of all of you, or breaking any plate or dropping any cutlery, but who cares! Kids being kids, us being us!

Enjoying the pre dinner bread, I guess you are hungry 

Even the very china-man Cayden loves the Australia wagyu beef! So heavenly 

My beloved gentlemen

Decided to button up all the way to match each other

My love one

Love you, thousand much, for arranging the dinner and ensure the kids noise level at minimal.

Our only family photo of the night, Heston was too tired and fussy to go home! 

Happy day

Due to weekend classes mostly in another side of town, we have rescheduled to go daddy's office every Saturday morning for homework session and then continue by ballet, drum and rock climbing.

Like an ordinary Saturday, routine Saturday, we have our 3 meals outside 

A rare scene, where u willingly sit with daddy at the back, enjoying in car movie.

Rock climbing becomes a routine nowaday 

Asked if you (Heston) wanna go for rock climbing or gymnastic, you said : wait me grow up and grow taller first @ 2 months shy to 4 years old

End our day with dinner outside, routinely fall asleep in the car ride back home, mostly till the next day, what an enjoyable life

Friday, September 23, 2016

Miss the old friends

Skipped lesson for 3 weeks, we went to visit old friends again today. 

Tiffy is doing cross riding and jumping position and coach mentioned you are controlling very well. 

Cayden is doing rising trot, getting better in the rhythm and posture.

Heston, talked to you over the phone, you said I'm a liar because you remember I promised you,we are going to horse riding today. I'm sorry darling, mummy is not purposely lying to you, tagging 4 kids, I think daddy will b better in giving you full attention and doing something more meaningful at home. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Being participative

You have been working hard for the school bench ball selection for interschools competition. Working hard on your own initiative and fight for the opportunity to be selected. 

Today you announced to us that you are being selected, only 8 of you being selected out of all year 4 and you are one of them, with the glory and happiness on your face. Feel so proud of you, at the same time, admired your initiative, passionate and desire to perform and compete.

This were you in last year , selected and participated in an interschools race at nexus international school. You told me, some of your friends just pretended to run slowly during the selection, hoping the coach won't select them, but you didn't wanna join in with them, so you ran whole heartily hoping to be selected! Mummy is indeed impressed with your attitude and behaviour! That's the right thing we should do my dear! 

Next Wednesday you will be compete with other school candidates at international school of park city, mummy will be your supporter, no matter win or lose, your forever die heart fans! 


Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Why I always need to b so fierce and strict to my children? At time, when all of them go to bed, I asked myself, talk nicely and talk fiercely, why must I choose the later? I love them so much so much! 

Looking at their innocent face photo, why must I so fierce? R they doing something unforgivable? Or are they making anything bad? No, they are just being themselves, as a kid! 

I asked myself, why I have so much patience to other children, I talk nicely to them, answer their endless questions, forgive them for every careless mistake, but have no patience to own children.

Totally not right! I'm so sorry my darlings, I should give my best part of me to all of u! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Party pack

You followed daddy attended a birthday party last Friday (bribe you that u r gonna get party pack so that you happily follow daddy). But you can home telling me that u didn't get any party pack, oh, my fault! So I told you a white lie saying tomorrow you are going to get it. 

Randomly packed something available at home, picked u up from school, then pass it to you! Oh, your eyes shine with spark, joyfully telling me, yeah! Thank you mummy! 

It was just a pack of mini oreo, a pack of stick biscuits which u don't even bother its existence at home (repack it in cookie bag), 2 pencils and a LED lit up toy (which u got it last time from party pack too I suppose). You told me, this stick biscuits is my favourite! Hahaha, oh really ? It has been lying in drawer for sometimes I believe. Anyway, Dream fulfilled! I'm having a happy kid now! Easily satisfied kiddo! 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Flexibility and strength

Mummy regretted so much didn't let all of you to have more body movement activities, to strengthen and increase flexibility of your body. After so long into motherhood, like 18 + years (8 years + 6 years + 4 years concurrently) now only I realiZed how important it is, how it inter-related with our daily life, sports, hobbies, or as basic as body posture. Hoping it's not too late now and hope this can help all of u to go further in whatever sports or hobbies u interested in future, and have better understanding of your own body, how to safely exercise and using the correct muscles. 

Your first trial today. Enjoying as much as mummy enjoyed seeing u in the class! Hands stand! Cartwheel! Walk over! Bridge! And etc etc! Next new vocabularies. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Mid autumn festival

This is our first time celebrating mid autumn festival at new house. Playing lantern, candles, tell the kids we used to pretend cooking with empty can, leaves, water, sand, all of u looking at me, asking why wanna do that? Gadget century! Kids no longer needs to use own creativity to think of games and things to do! 

Hanging the lantern all around the trees! 

It's a tradition that we should maintain, no matter in what century

Reading the classic traditional tales of moon cake festivals

A blessed mid autumn festivals

Thursday, September 15, 2016


When he is feeling people or I talk something not making sense to him, he will say, why you are so lam-zy? It took me a while to understand what does that mean, lam-zy = lame + crazy.

Innovative Heston @ 3 years 10 months 

Shooting star

You said there is a full moon tonight! Later on, you screamed, 'SHOOTING STAR!' After a while, I heard you talking to Cayden, did u make a wish just now? I made a wish just now, I wish daddy and mummy will never fight again! It makes me scared! 

I'm not sure if u really saw a shooting star, but I heard your wish! 

Dear my daughter Tiffany,

Mummy promise you, mummy and daddy will try our best to grant you your wish! If we fight in future, maybe we just lost and forget how to talk lovely to each other, please remind us by then. And I promise you, even though we fight, we still love each other love you, thousand much!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Small that matters

You yelled super loud in the restaurant yesterday, continued with a series of crying and complaining. Waipo was just telling mummy that u are tired, because you are closing your eyes (you were watching YouTube at that time). Everyone is looking at us because of your loud noise.  

I forcefully carried you out of the restaurant and put you at a corner outside the shop, asking you why you need to yell so loud.