Thursday, November 26, 2015


Facebook prompted me this photo today , it was you when u were 3 years ++. 

It reminds me how important for me to mould you into a positive and good little girl. I must have not done good enough, that's why you are making me so mad today. 

Unique scene in the morning

This is a special scene happens almost every morning at my home sweet home, but I'm sure this will disappear soon, so I record it before we let this slip through our chaotic daily life.

Almost every morning, I will see a rolled up pajamas pant either in the Cayden's bedroom floor or toilet and another wet pajamas pant with a heavy diaper in my room's floor, one from almost 6yo Cayden and one from almost 3yo Heston. Yes, they still wet their pants despite one already turning 6 soon and one is on diaper. Why oh why? Drink too much of milk n water? Too active during daytime? I don't know, just that this scene is so normal to b seen until now. 
When will they outgrow this phrase? Soon, I guess very soon....

Piano and violin

There is one music centre that actively involve in international competition which caught my attention, googled for similar competition and realized there are quite some of these activities. I hope Tiffy can has more exposure on all these, to build up her confidence, to build up her no fear on stage, deep down, I know all these can build up her portfolio for future usage. 

Brought her to music centre for assessment, the principal is a Taiwanese lady, she sounds friendly. She commented that Tiffy's foundation is not strong enough, bow hold is not in a very right posture (ya, I realized this too). Piano sight reading is poor and fingers are not strong enough (she didn't curl her fingers). I was quite depressed when teacher feedback on all these. She commented maybe the current teacher is not demanding that much, which I admit and realize too. 

To continue these music journeys is a long long way, I could not give up so easily, otherwise what would Tiffy thinks . Yes, it's abit late, Tiffy is turning 8 in 2016, she is currently learning grade 2 piano and grade 1 violin. Work hard, be resilience, be persistent, b determined. Don't worry about failure, worry about the opportunity you miss when u don't even try. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Work hard for our new home sweet home

To source for the stuff, deco, furniture can never b easy, I'm lucky that I have a hubby to support all these at the back, to source for it is not easy, but to earn the money for me to source it is double difficult, I'm truly blessed. 

Praising and loving

Greeted u both early in the morning, coincident I watched a videoclip about how a teacher compliment n praise the student one by one before class started in a special needs school, after a month doing it, something miracles happen, the students started to compliment each other and even to the teacher, make me realize that 赞美别人也是帮助别人呀 

In order for miracles to happen, I have to create it first, breath in breath out, if to b angry with them can only push them away, why should I? 

I love both of you, so much so much, angry with love is what the most I can let myself do, no more anger with ego 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Be a thoughtful and kind person

I got mad in the car 

Little picky eater

@ 3 days to 3 years, you are still weighting 14-15kg. You are definitely eating very little, not eating much fruits and vegetables, your favourite is chicken n fish. You snack on a lot of junks too. 

Whenever you wanna eat something that I prohibit, you will plead by saying one only or say just a little bit only. Watching YouTube while eating is like a must to you. There are so many bad habits, that I admit it's my fault. We should nib from the bud, as Chinese saying, 3 years old decide later 80 years. 

Darling Hes Hes, eat more, eat healthily, eat happily, okay? 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sensible you

You asked me in Which year you and daddy got married? I told you it was 2006. You silent for a while and told me, everything happens in every 2 years, you married with daddy in 2006, and you spent two years to get to know daddy more and then you gave birth to me, spent another 2 years with me, then you gave birth to Cayden, you used 2 years to get to know Cayden until Heston came out. 

Wow, girl, I'm impressed with her theory, I never thought of the 2 years gap is meant for knowing each other better, this is so much meaningful when saying it. Yes indeed, we must spend time to each other so that we know each other better. 

Thanks for coming into my life as my daughter, to guide me to b a better person