Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bad mama

Dinner time is always a disaster time, tiffy and Cayden always chat while eating, it takes forever for them to finish the meal. While hubby who back from work is anxiously to share the thing happened during the day. Heston who usually already had his dinner will keep pulling my hands, fussy to make me come with him, play with him. In short, I either gobbled up my dinner without properly chew n taste or I end up losing my temper, yelling at the kids to stop talking, finish their meal and give me a peaceful dinner time.

Tonight is the same, I brought a hanger put on the table, 'threaten' the kids to finish their meal without chatting. Tiffy obediently finished her meal. Cayden, as usual, half way of meal time, he wanted to go toilet, came back he did not want to finish his meal. I didn't bother him, clean up everything. I told him I'm going upstairs, he burst out crying. After a while, he came upstairs, continue crying, hubby asked him to go finish his dinner, he said he pour it into basin already, I was angry, told him to eat whatever he throw inside basin, of course he cried. After a while, he ran downstair, I overhead he was taking the cutlery n bowl, I rushed down, he ate a spoonful of rice which scoop up from basin, I was super heartache. Told him to spit it out, tell him that don't do that again, get him upstairs to change to bed. I was superbly heartache. Talked to him that if he waste the food, Mother Earth is going to b as upset as me, god is going to ask him to finish the meal in dustbin next time. He nodded with tears. Said sorry to him, I gave him a big tight hug, he cried too, promise that he won't do it again. 

Mummy really love you so much so much my darling. In order for u to change, mummy has to change first. Give mummy a chance, darling, I'm so sorry, I love you 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New house

We decided to settle down at setia Eco park for a short-long term for the sake of kids education. Paid the deposit for our dream house after the 3rd viewing today together with fs master, I guess it's a wise choice, and it has to be 😊 

Next step, planning for the renovation n interior design. We need a master bedroom, tiffy princess room, Cayden n Heston bedroom, study area, piano n reading corner, guest cum parent room, nanny room, play area, family hall, spacious living area, dining area, dry kitchen, wet kitchen, laundry area....the list is getting longer n longer, superbly anticipating 😋 

It's gonna b a secretive plan until the house is ready to move in 😆