Monday, March 24, 2014


Challenging week

Alright, Cayden's school holiday starts, my challenging week started too, nanny is off for this whole week due to some emergencies, which means no helper, which means 1 vs 3, which means my schedule gotta readjust. 

Few times gotta adjust :

Sole caretakers for Heston
Plan some activities for Cayden 
Maintain Tiffy's schedule as usual as possible  
Minimize impact on hubby
Me? Hoping to have a proper meal time and able to catch some catnap daily. 

Wish me luck !  

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Tiffy's school holiday is in April, hence daddy gives us 2 choices, go kk Sabah or legoland. Instead of me making the decision, I give the choice to both of you.

Me : girl, when u have school holiday, where do you want to go? Take plane to beach play sand or ride car to legoland?

You : hmm, I want go to legoland 

Me : but to go legoland, we are going by car oh, ok?

You : yes, I wanna go legoland

Back from school, I asked you the same question.

Me : Cayden, when jiejie school holiday you wanna go beach play sand by plane or go legoland by car?

You : I wanna take PLANE to go LEGOLAND!!

Alright, this is not in the choices given, but good answer !  

Final decision, legoland, by car, but you can ride plane in the amusement park. 

Tummy flu

It was you first, vomit and diarrhea since last Friday night. On Saturday early morning, you look so lethargic and no appetite, I gave you a bottle of wonder drink, breast milk, hoping it can boost your immune and protect your gut. After a morning nap, you look so much better. Though still purging n vomit, but lesser times. On Monday, you back to school,  energetic and cheeky as usual. 

And then until Monday night, you started to complaint tummy discomfort, vomited too. Skip school on Tuesday, your condition is much more serious than Cayden. You vomited each time you drink or eat something, you look lethargic too. Rest for a day, skip ballet class, you still look very ill. Gave you 100plus, avoid dairy and milk, top up with probiotic, hoping you get better tomorrow. You skipped school today too, but look so much better this morning, apetite wasn't good but no longer look lethargic as yesterday . Another resting day at home, getting ready to back to school tomorrow.

**Usually when Cayden wakes up from afternoon nap, Tiffy will b around to eat porridge with him. But not yesterday, as tiffy was very ill. Cayden told me, he doesn't want jiejie to sick, he wants jiejie to b with him, he worried jiejie will vomit again. Mummy was so touched with the words from you, it's indeed sincere talk, sincere feeling of you towards your sister.** 

Hopefully Heston is not the third one. Be good be healthy ya. Good night my darlings. 

Monday, March 17, 2014


It was drizzling outside

You : 外面下迷迷雨了 

Daddy likes this new words from you so much so much, he said 迷迷雨 sounds so match with the scene and sounds so artistic, compared with 毛毛雨, which sounds abit disgusting, 毛毛 as in 手毛 的 毛。 Daddy even say, it may be able to replace the words '毛毛雨' in dictionary to your version of 迷迷雨。

I do agree with daddy。 迷迷雨, Cayden's version @ age 4y2m, copywriter reserved.  

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Haze and cloud are best friends

Pick up you from school

Me : darling, how was your day?

You : good, today we eat snack n lunch in the classroom

Me : oh ya, because the weather is so bad, it's so hazy

You : no, teacher said today is cloudy day

Me : it's a hazy day

You : it's a cloudy day, cloudy day is best friend with hazy day

Me : oh, true also. So the sun is whose best friend ?

You : sun is best friend with moon

Me : why moon?

You :, moon and star are best friends 

Me : so who is sun's best friend ? 

You : ..... ( into deep deep deep thought without answering me) 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Yes, you are the star of the week! I know my little girl was working very hard to achieve it, I can see sparks in your eyes when you told me this.  

You showed me this today. Though it's not something officially, but it's so meaningful to me, indeed! 

Your kumon ranking 3rd quarter last year.  

Next month, you are going to sit for PPID exam for ballet. 

Missing key pouch

You brought me to this corner, I pointed at each picture and read to you, your eyes follow my finger, this feeling is awesome. 

I can't find my house key, I knew you took it, because I found you throw away all my bank notes from the key pouch into dustbin. 

I couldn't locate my key pouch, until I accidentally saw it here! Dangling on the mosquito repellent in Tiffy's room. Darling, it isnt the hole for door oh. 

Bought you an animal book, this is how dramatic of you, trying to read the book. Need to b so close? 

I won your heart. So now you want me more than anyone else. Pardon mummy for being selfish, I wanna own you, at least for now when I can still own you 100% :) 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Playground day

Mummy's very pleased with the improvement of your motor/sport skill, you have done so well compared our last visit. 

My darling Cayden boy boy has been very fussy lately, cry at the instance you don't get what you want, I believe most probably because you don't feel enough love from us. Looking at you laughing happily, I wondered if I have hurt you unintentionally before that, I wanna b ur forever lovey dovey mummy, dislike to b tiger mum :(

You, my small son, you like to observe, most of the time, you are just staring, looking, observing what others do. soon, I suppose you will very excited to join in the fun, can't wait to climb up, jump down. 

Spending quality time with you all, with your favorite activities is my mission everyday. If possible, outdoor play daily is the best, aren't you agreed? 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Reward day

You finally achieved 100 stars. 

While you were in the tuition class, we went to get you this pressie, took the chance to put it in living hall before picking you back.

You were surprised to see this, asking who gave you this, who send it here. Of course we didn't tell. I heard you told nanny that fairy godmother sent you this bike because you have achieved 100 stars. You sounded so proud and satisfied too. 

It's good to see you being motivated. It's so good to see you trying your best to achieve something. Girl, keep it up!!! It's the right attitude and good to b positive!!! 

Our next challenge, 200 stars with new criteria. You can make it!!! Mummy has faith in you. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Fussy for nanny

How lah?!! You have been fussy and crying at night for few days already, want nobody but only nanny. No matter how I carry you, pat you, cuddle you, you yell and bend ur body as if you are being tortured. What happened my darling?is it because mummy spend too little time to you? 

Nanny is off this weekend, mummy wanna gain ur love and attachment to me again. You must not cry and yell ya, be a good boy boy :) 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Reading habit

Tiffy started reading as young as 2yo, she read peter and jane at first, then to simple 1 line story book, to 2-3 lines and now she can read this type of story book at age 5 years 8 months. 

I was waiting for her in school, and found out that she actually waited for me at another corner, sitting on the floor, reading book. At that moment, I was impressed. All the while I'm hoping for a daughter who can do reading and treat reading as a habit, she is like making my dream comes true :)

She attended kumon English since feb 2012, 25 months she is at level AII now, it's a milestone, to her and to myself, it needs to b preservarance n persistent to go thus far. 

She's into simple essay writing recently, another milestone to achieve :) 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Funny talk

Was getting you to bed at 7pm, when the sun has yet to set

You : 还没有晚上就睡觉?

Was showering you, getting you ready to school at 6.30am, when the sun has yet to rise

You : 晚上就要去读书料

Walked out from ur bedroom at night

You : mummy, 我的被很硬 (finding excuse not to sleep)

Each time pick up you from school, by default mode

You : mummy, 今天我在 school 有eat 饭饭,还有菜菜,carrot, 肉肉,没有料,开戏, pls, thank you mummy

When you wanna say something better, something higher, something tastier

You : 这个比好 or 这个比高 or 这个比好吃 。

@ 4 years 1 month, funny talks non stop 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Comfy piglet in zzzland

@15 months, your unique sleeping pose, I guess you are comfortable with it, as you have been sleeping like this for more than half an hour.

We were laughing because of you, couldn't find what is sticking at ur cheek, yet trying to remove it, and laugh happily together with us when we laughed at you.

Mummy is not sure why you are showing such a 无奈 facial expression, we were waiting Jie jie for her ballet class 

Your happy face when daddy is home from work, usually the first to welcome us home when you hear the door is opened.

Yes, broom and mop are your favourite toys, you have special addition to it, whenever you see it, you must not miss out the chance to grab it. 

Going out for a walk is the most awaited moment for you, simple request the biggest happiness :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Quality time

I'm not qualified to b a good and responsible mother. Yes, i do spend time with my kiddos, but it's not a quality one. When I'm with them, the so called 'spending time', accompany them drawing, playing, homework, water play, either I'm doing some cleaning up, cooking, tidy up or I'm browsing internet or whatappsing. This is so wrong! Quantity time I already compromise, I can't trade my quality time with them. Childhood only happen once! So I must always remind myself, everything can wait, housework can wait, chatting with fren can wait, but my precious won't wait for me. Quality time is the motto of the month!!! Do work hard and do try my best. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

French as secretive speaking language

You told me that your friends are speaking French today, you want to learn too. 

You : mummy, when I'm in year 3 I wanna learn French

 Me : why?

You : my frens are speaking French, it sounds like 'alibala kulikili', I wanna talk in French like them. 

Me : hmm, ok lo, let's see how first 

You : mummy, if I learn French, then I can teach you at home, next time we can speak French when we talk secret. We don't need to talk only English, mandarin n bahasa. 

Way to go way to go.... 

Officially close down the biz