Friday, February 28, 2014

15 months

@ 15 months old, you are about 11.6kg, 76cm.

Walking steadily
Could do slow run
Not speaking any words yet
Learning to self feed
Drink 4 times of 6oz milk per day
1 time cereal, 2 times porridge per day
Likes to see bird, car, dog, cat
Dance when listen to music 

Precious evening

Even Heston has growth up so much, when I told you all to get ready we are going to playground, you walked to outside, sitting still waiting Jie jie to put on shoes for you. 

You walked all the way from home to playground, without hand holding, without assistance, all by yourself

It's indeed a blessed to be able to see my three precious to grow up day by day. 

Mummy wanna preserve this memory, until one day when I get old, this gonna b my most precious diary about my 3 darlings. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Breakfast bento

You have been telling me everyday to make more more foods for you to school, because your friends wanna eat it, they like your breakfast they like your packet milk. Trying to tell you that you can always share with your friends when you have extra, you told me that your friend will eat 3 out of 4 pieces of sandwich you bring. If you refuse to let them eat, they will tell their teachers. 

So, I told you 

1. Inform your friends that you have not eaten breakfast at home, this is your breakfast that mummy made for you. 

2. Talked to you that sharing is good, but we can't b greedy,  b considerate and b thoughtful, assuming your frens have eaten breakfast at home. 

3. Complaining to teacher is not a right way, it's threatening, it's impolite to complaint, we can always advise and learn together with friends.

Learn a tip from friend, which I think it can work thing out. Instead of you alone sharing your breakfast, why not all of you bring breakfast bento to school, then you can exchange the foods. Let's see if this works:) 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Second investment house

It's into the 5th year of my first investment house, recently I have been scouting for a second house. Visited few site, didn't get a satisfied one, until this Anjali north kiara. 

After a night long of calculation of loan amount, progressing interest, legal fees, stamp duty, snp, hubby agreed to gave it a go. 

Paid the deposit today, my unit is c24-01, rm866,800, with 10% rebate. Hoping to yield at least rm70-80k after 5 years ( I know it's not much for that amount, of course deep down I'm hoping the price goes higher, with the uoa project next to it, hopefully it's a potential site). 

The site as at now, feb 24, 2014

Monday, February 24, 2014

Genting highland

As usual, each year grandpa birthday we will go to genting. This year is still the same. It isn't a new place for u, we have been there many times. Since outdoor theme park has closed down for major renovation, we have a walk around, enjoying the cooling air. 

Cayden was too excited running, climbing and jumping. While Heston was too happy to practice walking freely.

Wanna have a photo with grandma looks so challenging

The little Dino has ran away before I managed to snap the photo. 

And last, family photo 

Diorama showcase at school

Second term of year 1, the ipc topic is about myths and legends. Each student was requested to make a diorama about their favourite myths or legends, tiffy choose the myth of 'the mermaid and the magic comb'.

Students were showcasing their finished work to parents, get ready to b asked about questions of their works. 

It was very impressed, with all the works the kids done (though with help from parents). 

Of course Tiffy's diorama was completed with major help from me. She insisted to have an old man in it. I tried my best, made his head with stone, hair with some canvas thread, body with clay. 

You : mummy ar, look at your old man, aren't you should afraid people will laugh at you? 

Me : why laugh at me? I have done my best

You : uhhh...but he looks funny and kinda ugly

** Speechless **

Love the way the topic of myths and legends being delivered, I'm sure you learned a lot about it. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

First spa

All of you are lucky, lifestyle has changed, living standard has improved. Baby spa is popular. This is your first spa, and also you are the first among 3 sibling who got to enjoy spa, at about 15months old.

Water was warm, with lots of water balls and toys, you n Ethan boy boy sharing a pool. Well, you as usual was nervous and making uhmm uhmm sounds at first, then slowly started to enjoy it. 

Followed by a baby massage, which you are too busy moving around, didn't get to fully enjoyed it. 


You was sobbing on your bed, for a very simple reason, I got a KFC doraemon toy for Heston today, inside there is a toy ruler, so the toy I gave it to Heston, ruler I gave it to Cayden, and you started to mumble, saying why you don't have anything, saying you want the ruler too. 

My darling girl girl, desire and jealousy are something you need to know, learn about them, and try to control it. It's not that everything you wanted to have, you can always have it, there are too many limitation and boundary in life. I suppose this incident happened because of your jealousy, you just wanted to have something Cayden has it, without really need it. Remember, you have a ruler in your pencil box already. Remember, many times we gave you something, we didn't give the same to Cayden or Heston too. It's a very important attitude, no matter you are in which stage of life, you are still learning about it, it applies to mummy too. 

Though I didn't give you anything today, I'm loving you no lesser than yesterday. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Baby talk

At 14.5months, you still baby talk all the time, whatever you wanna get, you will sound 'ahh ahh ahh ahh...' and point at the thing. 

Whenever you get upset, for not getting what you want, you pout and cry, sometimes kneel down, head and face on the floor crying sadly. 

This is you, when I forced you to lie down on me, pout, cry with eye closed.  

This is your favourite chores at home, you make sure the wipes are clipped securely on the magic broom, if it's not, you will raise red alert by making ahh ahh ahh ahh ahh sound.

You get frustrated when the broom stuck somewhere, start crying n fussing. You can sweep as long as we didn't take it away from you. Or we surrender because you addicted to sweeping non stop. 

We all laughed at you, for the piece of vege stick on your face, your clumsy hand coordination still need improvement to spot it and remove it, making us laugh out loud, you, following our laughter too, for being happy simply bcos we are happy.

Life is wonderful seeing you grow up everyday, love you, a lot :) 


Monday, February 17, 2014

Rewards chart

Yea, I've done up a rewards chart for both of you, first is about daily chores of water bottle, bag, food container, shoes, lunch and dinner. Second is about homework, kumon, ballet, bug club, essay/stories. 

Tiffy asked me, who is going to send the pressie to them if they got all stars for the chores. Hmm...I think hard and answered her fairy godmother. She thought a while and asked how she comes, when she comes, does she look scary, is she a real person, or she dress up as fairy godmother. And then the questions continue to Cayden part, she asked how about Cayden? Spider-Man or ninja go will send pressie to him? Hmm...thinking hard, how to deliver the pressie to both of you, yet can keep up both of your spirit? 

Hubby was impressed with the idea, he requested a chart for him and for me. 

It's happy day though super tired, feeling accomplished and being appreciated for the efforts :) 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Be thoughtful

Going out for dinner, I told both of you to go toilet before heading out. I saw Cayden walked into toilet first, Tiffy were talking to me while I walked out to family hall. Then I heard Cayden was fussing and walked towards me, telling me he can't hold anymore. Tiffy has occupied the toilet bowl while Cayden is getting ready to pee. Alright, this is not very right.

First, Cayden was the first to go in toilet first, remember we have to queue 

Secondly,  when I questioned tiffy, she said bcos she can't hold anymore, we have 5 toilets in the house, yet, you wanna use the one Cayden is using, I would love to hear you admit your mistake and apologize. 

Thirdly, Cayden is younger than you, in any circumstances, you should act like a big sister and take care your brothers. 

Cayden and tiffy out from the toilet, got tiffy to apologize to Cayden. Cayden apologize to tiffy too without I ask for it, he hugged and kissed tiffy too. 

Darling girl girl and boy boy, be a nice and thoughful person. Remember, 不管在什么年代,帮助别人都是一种美德。

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our 16th valentines

Celebrated our valentines at the majestic hotel, kl. We got upgraded to suites, lucky day. 

After have review session at Tiffy's school, we headed to the destination. None of us know where we were heading, it was a surprise from hubby 

Had a dip in the swimming pool and another dip in the room's bath tub, we headed to cheras for chap goh meh dinner. 

Settled the kids to overnight at cheras, hubby and I headed back to hotel. It has been so long I never had an uninterrupted night long sleep till wake up naturally next morning. Seeing hubby has done all the packing of luggage. Yes, we gotta have our breakfast and then spa, too good to b true.

Feel so refreshing and energetic after the wonderful spa n steam bath. Check out hotel, I'm determined to b a better wife a better mummy!!!