Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cayden's talk

One day, I was rushing to pump milk, as need to pick up Tiffany from tuition class, while entertained Heston once a while who was put on the mattress with some toys. 

Cayden : mummy, help me to fix my car

Me : mummy is rushing, mummy don't have much time.

Cayden : I give you time la, I give you time. 

Was heading to wet market, you fussing to buy something.

Cayden : mummy I have no sticker I want to buy sticker 

Me : mummy has no money to buy

Cayden : you go bank to 赚钱la

Alright, I suppose you think that to earn money is to go ATM press press press n get to earn $ 

Was reading newspaper and saw a kidnapped case

Me : you know, when we go out, you must not let go mummy's hand, otherwise bad person will catch you, put you into a dark dark room, with no food no water and you can't get to see daddy mummy. 

You : oh, is it like Alex in Madagascar, he was put inside a box cannot see outside? 

Me : **rolling eyes** yes, scary or not? 

Your imagination always go beyond my expectation :) 

1 day to 9 months

Weight : 10.2kg
Height : 72cm

Pull to stand, can stand without support for 5-10sec

Cruise holding onto something 

Crawling very well

Having the 5th tooth sprouting 

Had his first viral fever followed by rashes, which cause you totally refuse milk n crying almost all nights long for continuously 2 nights 

Baby talk alot, something sounds like calling out da-da-da (da-daddy) 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

10 days to 9 months

Weight : 10.2kg
Height : 71cm
Head : 47cm

Drinking 6oz of bm, 6-7 times per day
2 times of solids

Crawling, pull to sit, pull to stand like a pro, cruise alittle bit while hold on the furniture. Still baby talk alot. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cayden's talk

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sign for nen nen

Sign of wanting to drink milk or sleep, cuteness of Heston at 8 months 2 weeks. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ready to party

Friday, August 2, 2013

No.2 in progress

It's into the 5th year of my first investment house, I'm very happy with its rental yield and return. On and off I'm getting calls from agents asking to let go my unit, it has almost gone up to double the price, yet still like a hot cake, wise choice ever. 

Instead of selling it off, hubby suggested to refinance the house to get some cash flow. Went to sign all the documents today and was offered the signature credit card, great discount on fine dining, access to airport lounge, complimentary stay in hotel, this is good. 

For now, scouting no.2 in progress, one more thing to b anticipated. 

Heston's newborn shoot was published in a breast feeding booklet, was informed by a good friend who recently gave birth. 

Life is good, I'm loving it :) 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Small gift Big happy

Your old pencil box has worn out, yet you  bring it everywhere like a precious. You asked for permission every morning whether you can bring it to school, as usually you only bring to Kumon and violin classes. 

Seeing you, holding the worn out pencil box everyday to n from school, I'm heartache. Ya, truly heartache, though you treat it like a precious. I decided to reward you with a new pencil box. 

After you fall asleep, I secretly put it on side table in your room, with a note : for my darling princess Tiffany, mummy loves you so much. 

Next morning, you walked to my room with a happy face, not holding the pencil box, but holding that piece of small note, ask me why calling you darling, and read out loud the note. Ya my dear, because you are mummy's darling! 

After I ready myself to send you both to school, you pass me a piece of paper 

At that moment, I know you are sincerely appreciate it, you love the pencil box, love my notes to you, love my effort too. You carefully fold my notes to you, and keep it in you pencil box.

Simple gift, biggest happiness, priceless moment

The other day, when daddy and mummy back from wedding dinner, I saw these 5 pieces of tiny papers on my desk, from you. 

A house represent our family, with you holding a heart, daddy, mummy and both brothers, this is the entire world of you at age of 5, how I wish I can suppress the time, to preserve this precious moment.

You are my darling girl, always and forever.