Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tiffy 5 yo early birthday celebration

We have early birthday celebration with families @ kura Japanese restaurant, one world hotel. 

Instead of receiving birthday pressie, daddy thinks that it's a day which every kid should have fun and happy, so here are pressie for all the kids.

Photo with grandpas n grandmas. 

With 姑姑 and families

With Kai Kai yiyi, yi zhang n Ethan boy boy

With 舅舅 and yen Che Che 

Pressie for brothers

Pressie for Shannon Che Che 

Pressie for row row Mei Mei

Pressie for Harris koko

Pressie for Heston baby n Ethan boy boy, both of them were cranky n cried out loud, hence didnt get to have photo with them. 

姑姑 bought you a jelly cake

It's a happy day, happy early birthday day :) 

Saturday, June 29, 2013


You took forever to fall asleep during noon nap today, finally doze off. After an hour or so later, daddy found u pass urine on the bed. Of course I'm angry. For taking so long to fall asleep and for peeing on the bed. After shower, I made you to stand at a corner, for an hour? Or longer. Then you speak up 

You : mummy, I want you to love me.
Me : no, I don't want to love you
You : **crying** I don't want, I want you to love me.
Me : zip your mouth n stand there don't move 

After a while, you started to play with curtain.

Me : if you want to play it, I let you stand at balcony.
You : **crying** I don't want

After a while.

You : mummy, 我可以走走吗? 
Me : no
You : 我假假走走罢了,在家面走走罢了。
Me : 不可以,you stand there bcos 你shh shh 在bed bed
You : 我没有,我wake up, 就wet 了、我不知道谁shh shh, 我的pant 就wet wet 

Me, laughing inside my heart. Alright, I think you are really in deep sleep and never realize you pee on the bed. 

You, another one pass alittle bit urine on the bed too, after so so so long you never have accident. You woke up as the bed was wet by cayden, then you went to toilet n told me mummy, I dunno why my pant is wet. I went to check on bed, there was one wet spot at the place you slept too. What happened to you both? No exception, you were put to stand at the corner too. But with less noise n silly requests. 

You both, buddy to play, buddy to school, buddy to eat, buddy to shower,  now buddy to pee on the bed n buddy to drive mummy crazy, great to have such a 患难buddy, right? 

Friday, June 28, 2013

7 months old 2 teeth man

You are 7 months old today!

Drinking 6oz of bm, 6-7 times a day
Eating 2 solid, morning n late afternoon
Nap 2-3 times in a day
Roll over all the way like a pro
In the progress of learning to crawl
Having 2 pearly white at the bottom
Stay home with mummy 24-7
Favorite apps is Tayo Tayo little train
Can sit unsupported, under supervision
Super like to have koko n cheche as companion, can stay together with them for very long without fussing

Reading book? Not yet!!!

Biting book!! Yes!! Right now!! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy 100th day

It's not u both 100th day in school, you have been there for more than 100 days. But who cares, it's another happy day, party day. 

This is your 100 contribution. 

And this is yours. 

The hottest question u asked recently while in the car ride, what is junction? Though I have explained to you many times, it's a place where you can choose to turn left turn right or go straight. You still ask this question everyday, I wondered will you ask this again later? 

You was telling us, mummy, you know, some of my 5 years old friends didn't use nen nen bottle to drink milk already, they use cup. **silent for awhile** I was thinking maybe you will tell us you want to use cup too. Then you spoke, but you know I love to use nen nen bottle to drink milk, I want to drink until 12 years old....ok ok la maybe 10 years la no la I think 8 years old. Cayden, you want to drink milk until how many years old?? And topic continue..

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Boy still a boy, your favorite toys now are Spider-Man, lightning McQueen, transformer bumblebee, or anything like action movie, Kung fu!

Trying hard to do the finger pose of spider man.

Not easy to do it at your age. 

Daddy said your eyes always full of curiosity. Yes, I can't agree better on that. Everything in your eyes transform to something funny, creative and full of question marks! You like to pick up leaf from the ground. Basically, you pick up leaf each time when we headed to car park or back from outside. 

Pick u up from school today. While reaching home

Me : hurry up, put  on your mask, it's very hazy outside.

You : **doing some weird sound at the back**

Me : put on mask already? 

You : I put on ady la, you cannot see meh? I put on spiderman mask ady

Sounds so correct, Spider-Man mask also a type of mask, isn't it? My creative 3.5yo cayden boy :) 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New invented chair

Your feet was so cold in the air con room, to keep you warm, mummy decided to put you inside the pillow case, and you insist to sit up in this pillow. Not a bad idea huh? You don't fall down yet you won't bang your head at the back. 

Not baby abuse, you were very happy with the new seat! 

Your emperor seat !!!

You learned to sit on your own today too. Bravo baby :)

Cayden said you look like a frog.

Hanging yourself on the edge of bed, your favorite position recently.  

My happy cheeky cutie pie, can't stop loving you more each day :) 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy stay-in-door day

School is closed due to the bad haze, hence my 3 happy mah laos gotta stay stay indoor. 

It's noon nap time, special offer for you all to have some fun before sleep. Yeah, really for 3 of you to have fun, as fun as 3 little monkeys jumping on the bed.

So long as not hurting, not screaming in pain, I let u to carry, hug, play, twist, turn, pretend biting, pretend punching, kissing Heston, sibling love is important, and gotta built up slowly, with lot of encouragement n participation. 

Both wanna carry Heston, so choo choo train idea came into the picture. 

Heston loves to play with Cayden and Tiffy too, he loves to look at both of them playing, running around, can spend half an hour or more together with them in living hall, without me stay aside supervising them all the time. 

Look at how Heston admire his bro singing song to him. 

Taking care 3 of you are definitely a tough mission, but the rewards are triple priceless and precious, laughter and happiness *3 too :) 


Bad haze, clothes gotta stay indoor too.

Hazy day

Was hugging Cayden tightly during noon nap, really hugging him for very very long n tightly. Daddy n tiffy on the other bed said cayden was crying, he hide his head in the pillow n shed tears, for twice. My boy must have longing for my hug for very long time, he is only 3.5year old, heart was wrenching. Life gets busier n we tend to forget the most simple thing in life, hugs n kisses! 

Haze is very bad today, The curve is out of sight totally from our house. Turn on turbo for air purifier, switch on humifier with eucalyptus essential oil, aircon with all window n doors close tightly, feel better! Honey bear mood was good too! 

Two front teeth are sprouting since week ago, he is officially ' 2 tooth boy'. 

Posing to the camera happily! 

And started to another honey bear in camera! 

Bliss evening :) though bad weather :(

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Short fringe, again!

Was browsing Tiffy's school photo posted by teacher and saw almost all with Tiffy in it, her head was siding to left, I guess it's bcos of her long fringe n teacher didnt pin it up after shower in school, doesn't want this become tiffy's habit, so I decided to bring her for a hair trimming. Without fringe, she look mature yet messy with lot of baby hair.

Last photo before hairdresser trim off your hair. 

Admiring yourself in the mirror.

Mummy loves your new hairstyle so much, adorable and tidy, and you are 'small' like a baby again :)