Wednesday, April 3, 2013

BB Heston is here!!!

Our new addition of family Tan.

Heston Tan.
Delivered on 28th Nov 2012 via c sec
Weight : 3.34kg
Length : 50cm

@ 1 week old, drink 2oz every 2 hours
@2 week old, drink 3oz every 2 hours
@ 3 weeks, drink 4oz every 2 hours
@ 6 weeks, weight 5.6kg
@ 8 weeks, weight 6.7kg
@ 4 months, weight 8kg, drink 5.5oz every 3 hours

BB Heston is a happy baby, smile all the time to anyone everyone.

BB Heston has many nicknames

Grandma calls him 大冬瓜
Grandpa calls him 沙皮狗
舅舅said he looks like Pooh bear
Kai Kai yiyi calls him 大象
大姨calls him 肥肥龙
I still love to call him 小猪猪,but Cayden said cannot, gotta call him 大猪猪。

BB Heston is my little dino, my honey bear!