Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cayden's talk

One day, I was rushing to pump milk, as need to pick up Tiffany from tuition class, while entertained Heston once a while who was put on the mattress with some toys. 

Cayden : mummy, help me to fix my car

Me : mummy is rushing, mummy don't have much time.

Cayden : I give you time la, I give you time. 

Was heading to wet market, you fussing to buy something.

Cayden : mummy I have no sticker I want to buy sticker 

Me : mummy has no money to buy

Cayden : you go bank to 赚钱la

Alright, I suppose you think that to earn money is to go ATM press press press n get to earn $ 

Was reading newspaper and saw a kidnapped case

Me : you know, when we go out, you must not let go mummy's hand, otherwise bad person will catch you, put you into a dark dark room, with no food no water and you can't get to see daddy mummy. 

You : oh, is it like Alex in Madagascar, he was put inside a box cannot see outside? 

Me : **rolling eyes** yes, scary or not? 

Your imagination always go beyond my expectation :) 

1 day to 9 months

Weight : 10.2kg
Height : 72cm

Pull to stand, can stand without support for 5-10sec

Cruise holding onto something 

Crawling very well

Having the 5th tooth sprouting 

Had his first viral fever followed by rashes, which cause you totally refuse milk n crying almost all nights long for continuously 2 nights 

Baby talk alot, something sounds like calling out da-da-da (da-daddy) 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

10 days to 9 months

Weight : 10.2kg
Height : 71cm
Head : 47cm

Drinking 6oz of bm, 6-7 times per day
2 times of solids

Crawling, pull to sit, pull to stand like a pro, cruise alittle bit while hold on the furniture. Still baby talk alot. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cayden's talk

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sign for nen nen

Sign of wanting to drink milk or sleep, cuteness of Heston at 8 months 2 weeks. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ready to party

Friday, August 2, 2013

No.2 in progress

It's into the 5th year of my first investment house, I'm very happy with its rental yield and return. On and off I'm getting calls from agents asking to let go my unit, it has almost gone up to double the price, yet still like a hot cake, wise choice ever. 

Instead of selling it off, hubby suggested to refinance the house to get some cash flow. Went to sign all the documents today and was offered the signature credit card, great discount on fine dining, access to airport lounge, complimentary stay in hotel, this is good. 

For now, scouting no.2 in progress, one more thing to b anticipated. 

Heston's newborn shoot was published in a breast feeding booklet, was informed by a good friend who recently gave birth. 

Life is good, I'm loving it :) 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Small gift Big happy

Your old pencil box has worn out, yet you  bring it everywhere like a precious. You asked for permission every morning whether you can bring it to school, as usually you only bring to Kumon and violin classes. 

Seeing you, holding the worn out pencil box everyday to n from school, I'm heartache. Ya, truly heartache, though you treat it like a precious. I decided to reward you with a new pencil box. 

After you fall asleep, I secretly put it on side table in your room, with a note : for my darling princess Tiffany, mummy loves you so much. 

Next morning, you walked to my room with a happy face, not holding the pencil box, but holding that piece of small note, ask me why calling you darling, and read out loud the note. Ya my dear, because you are mummy's darling! 

After I ready myself to send you both to school, you pass me a piece of paper 

At that moment, I know you are sincerely appreciate it, you love the pencil box, love my notes to you, love my effort too. You carefully fold my notes to you, and keep it in you pencil box.

Simple gift, biggest happiness, priceless moment

The other day, when daddy and mummy back from wedding dinner, I saw these 5 pieces of tiny papers on my desk, from you. 

A house represent our family, with you holding a heart, daddy, mummy and both brothers, this is the entire world of you at age of 5, how I wish I can suppress the time, to preserve this precious moment.

You are my darling girl, always and forever.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pull to stand

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

3 teeth dino

You are 3 teeth man now, no.3 is upper right front tooth, your gum is even more itchy, and your bite is more powerful now. 

Your first experience in a jumperoo, for you to bounce and explore the skill

Good to keep you occupied a while too.

You love to suck your thumbkin to sleep, and only left thumbkin has this magic.

Playing balls with koko on a day when mummy is pumping milk.

Cuddling each other before noon nap.

My three little sweethearts, must always remember 相亲相爱 ya :) 

Monday, July 22, 2013

What pet do you want?

Was having a chat with hubby 

Me : daddy, next time if the kids tell you they want to have pet, what would you suggest them to have?
(Was thinking maybe hubby will suggest tortoise, fish or even puppy)

Hubby : ANT

Me : (rolling on the ground laugh out loud by his creativity) wuahahahaha! 

Pick up kiddos from school

Me : what pet do you want to have? 

Tiffy : bunny!!

Cayden : I want chicken! 

Me : you guess what daddy wanna give you both?

Tiffy : Pig? Duck? Oh I know....ANT!!! 

Cayden : I want snail! Looonnnggg snail 

Me : hahahaha, u r smart, how you know daddy said ant too? 

Tiffy : mummy, is it small ant or big ant? 

Amazed with Tiffy's answer, amused by Cayden's creativity! 


Thoughtful hubby bought me this 'car', to ease my burden when go wet market, totally awesome, no longer need to carry heavy stuff n walk 2 rounds. 

Seems like cayden likes it more 


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Volume no.1

Shhh...quiet....zip your mouth....volume no.1 pls....are the words I say the most these days. Having a very alert Dino at home, I really need everyone to talk in volume no.1 especially when Dino is sleeping.

We play new game today, fraction! 

In a way of distributing pizza for x amount of people.

How much you both understand? Hmm.....cayden just take it as puzzle, try and error which can form a round pizza. Tiffy can definitely understand better at this age.

Heston, the companion always crawl around touching, biting toys books that koko cheche bring out, until cayden complaint : didi, 你走开! 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

7 years of marriage

Seriously, I really think that i couldn't find another person who can tolerate my bad tempers, at the same time, i do think that your weird thinking and behaviors, in this world, not many can live peacefully with you too :p 

To live peacefully with you when your weird behaviors occurs, keep calm and go quiet, make it the biggest joke after you are back to 'normal', and joke for a lifetime too. 

I wanted you to take a photo with me, after the turbulence before we head out for dinner (was rushing to get the kids shower n sleep). You of course refuse and act cool! 

So, I pretend I've done taking the photo and viewing it, you, the one I know the best, turn to my camera direction and gotcha!!! 

You, acting cool n 'ngmm song' face! Sorry oh, this will b the precious photo of life! My ignorant-acting-cool-but-not-so-cool dearie hubby. 

Though you are sometimes really acting weird, over concerned, over caring, over long winded, over unnecessary cautious,  until I beh tahan (was silently wanna punch you n cekik you, I admit) but really, how can I live without you!!! 

You said : lao po, I don't want to die after you. 
Wow, I'm so touched and sweet! 
Then, you said : if I die after you, I don't know how to handle my life and the kids, only you can do it.

Well, life is too short, cherish every moment we are having now! 

Ps/ weird bug attack you twice which I really crack my head thinking what's wrong with you when you chose the most busiest timing to help me wash my pumps and bottles, which I don't need to use it so urgent, ok, I do curse you in my heart saying you 发神经!anyway, thank you :) 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Neb neb again

Dino down with flu again, despite the runny nose n cough n plenty of phlegm, he still active as usual, still drinking milk n eating well.

Was calm for the first 2 minutes, wailing n fighting thereafter till the end of neb.

Sickness doesn't affect his good mood at all. 

Very obvious 2 teeth happy man 

Watching toy story with full attention

Active and crawling everywhere

Dino is weighted 9.5kg as of today, gotta take good care of him to speed up the recovery :) 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Failure in life

This is my biggest failure in life so far. I'm clueless how and what should I do. 

Fetch the kids from school, from mirror, I saw tiffy was lifting her legs high up kicking the front seat, countless times I told her this is not right. Asked her why she wanna do it again. She answered me, bcos cayden did the same too. I was angry, asked her if I cane didi, should I cane you as well since you like to follow didi. Made her apologize and explain to her why this is not right. 

Reached home, was getting ready for the kids to nap. Cayden in his room, whereas Tiffy, Heston n I in my room. After a while, I heard cayden was calling from his room, mummy, 好了!Alright, he is making big biz in toilet n done with it, calling me to clean him up. So I told tiffy to look after Heston while I go to settle cayden. Out from bathroom, I saw a necklace on cayden's bed, so I asked him who let you bring this to bed, and took away the necklace (suffocating hazard that is what I'm thinking of). Of course cayden fuss n cried. Same time, I heard Heston also cried out loud, rush to my room seeing Heston sitting on the floor, Tiffy was on the bed, asking what are you doing Heston. I was furiously mad, I questioned tiffy loudly why didi roll down from the bed, what are you doing just now. At first, she answered me that she don't know. I was so mad of her, I went out to take the cane and question her again, she said she was playing her fingers. At that moment, I'm boiling mad, I caned her, scolding her for not taking care didi, didi could have injured bcos of your carelessness. I caned her further and she cried and plead me don't beat her, said she loves me alot. I left her in my room, told her that she can't go out of the room, no need to eat dinner n drink milk, no need to go school no need to do homework anymore. 

I did not talk to her, did not serve her dinner. Settled both koko n didi to sleep, I just do my stuff as usual. She walked in n out whenever I go. Texted hubby to tell him I'm so heartache and also clueless how to handle her. Took my shower at 9+, I went to bed without bothering her. She went to knock nanny's room. And both of them went downstairs. She is hungry, her last meal was lunch. I went downstairs, asking nanny what tiffy said to her? She said tiffy dare not request anything, she just knock her door and nanny offered her to bring her down for dinner. Sitting opposite to her, looking at her eating her dinner, couldn't describe how heartache I'm, there are cane marks leaving on her leg n hand, so red n deep,  how should I educate her? To have ownership of her mistakes, admit it and apologize sincerely. She apologized, but I know she don't understand what she has done wrongly or she know but she didnt know how serious it is, and what is the lesson from this incident.  I'm so so so helpless.......

Sad, happy, obstacles? I brought you to this world, I should responsible for you my darling girl girl 

Ps/ There were few more incidents this week that lead to I'm furiously mad. 

1. She copied the answer from the answer book for her Kumon worksheet. 
2. She was lying, at age of 5, she is telling lie. 
3. She always push away the responsible of her mistake to others, especially cayden 

Mummy seriously wanna walk thru this with you. I ain't perfect mummy, but I am willing to try my very very best to b your greatest mummy.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2 minutes ok?

To make you sit down complete one worksheet is harder than plucking the star from sky. Tonight you request to do homework, me? More than happy la. 

Your special way of holding pencil. In some extent, you are a perfectionist, ie coloring, you are so focus that you cant bear a tiny white space without colour, ended up only one part of the painting is with colour, very compact type, when time is a constraint.

Your motor skill is very good, jumping, skipping, running, crawling, not an issue! Ask you to smack the mozzie buzzimg in the living hall this evening, amazingly you really caught it! 

You snore loudly when asleep, everytime. Doctor said you have huge tonsil, gotta check it again 3-4 years later. 

You have your own language which influenced daddy to follow ur way of speaking. 

You said : 不紧不紧 which means 不要紧

You said : 吓死人啊吓死人啊 

You said : 你扁住我了 which means 你压住我 

You said : 2 minutes ok? (Whenever you wanna express how long it takes, everything is only 2 minutes to you, be it using iPad, eating your meal, or ask daddy to come home faster) 

You created name for your belonging, a pair of shoes inherited from Harris, you named it 'yok yok', which later on i agreed as I translate it to 肉酸 (Cantonese) and many more. Your creativity always surprise us :) 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ballet progress

You were a baby ballerina since 3 years old. 2 years of exploring and learning, I can still see the passionate of you towards ballet, your eyes are shining in the class, you strive to do better each time, of course with lot of lot of encouragement n counseling.

You have a very good ballet teacher, Teacher Jesmine, she is patience, she is passionate, she is gentle and soft spoken, she is very responsible and she loves kids. On top of the lesson, she took the initiative to arrange for your transport when mummy was in confinement. She updated me your progress from time to time. She discussed with me your weakness and ways to overcome it. I suppose this is one of the reason you still love ballet alot, a lovely teacher does a magic. 

I'm not sure how long you could keep your passionate in ballet, so long as you are not hating it, I will make the effort to encourage you and lead you to the way. 

If you are on the track, teacher is going to enroll you to PPID exam next year. Hopefully this milestone can further boost your confidence level. 

It is a lifetime skill, which if you succeed, can definitely beneficial to you, have fun learning and keep up the passionate.

PS/ after class feedback today, teacher mentioned that your hopping, jumping, skipping skill need improvement, as you let your weight bring you down and you was too cautious in landing when you jump. So, what's next? Plenty of jumping time at home, which I'm sure cayden will b delighted to do it together with you.