Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Different behaviors

Tiffany @ 4 years 3 month ; Cayden @ 2 years 9 months

Tiffy is fatty fatty elephant @ 20kg, 110cm ; Cayden is thin thin elephant at 15kg, 97 cm
Tiffy likes to eat noodle ; Cayden likes to eat rice
Tiffy likes to eat carbo foods ie bread ; Cayden likes to eat meat ie prawn, beef, crab
Tiffy sleeps without pillow ; Cayden sleeps with double layers of pillows
Tiffy likes papaya, apple and grapes ; Cayden likes orange and durian
Tiffy's favourite book is The magic porridge pot ; Cayden's favourite book is Bulilit ( baby frog)

Saying good night to bumble bee Cayden and good night princess belle jie Jie is a must. In return, they will greet me good night hello kitty mummy, good night leng Lui mummy

Saying good bye and hug and kiss endless time is a must when I send tiffy to school in the morning or hubby send cayden to school or vice versa, until we finish the whole walkway from doorstep to lift, making everyone hear both of them say bye bye Jie Jie, bye bye cayden, bye bye mummy, bye bye daddy.

After the last gathering with our friends
Tiffy : daddy, what does 'sokia' means ?
Daddy : .....

Lesson of the day : Again, use proper language even not talking to kiddos :)

Sending daddy off to work on a usual Wednesday
Cayden : bye daddy, I love daddy, bye daddy
Daddy : bye cayden
Cayden : see you on Monday
Daddy : **puzzled** daddy will come back tonight
Cayden : ok daddy, 2 minutes ar? See you on Monday

Lesson of the day : a while or later to cayden = 2 minutes ; see you on Monday = see you again/later

Monday, October 22, 2012


Was at the car park, opening the car door and I asked you to off from the door.

Daddy : Didi, 你小心一点,mummy 要开门,等下你头爆 hor...

You : 我会给你的车爆hor....

Lesson of the day : Use proper language when talking to kiddos :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Frustrated mummy vs Pitiful little girl

Out from the kumon centre, I decided to turn back and write this post.

Two and a half hour ago, you just started to do your kumon worksheet 2A140, it contains 100 questions of additional of 9 and 10 up to number 23 at home. First page, out of 10 questions, you got 8 incorrect answers, I'm very frustrated. Partly bcos you were not concentrated while doing it, partly bcos I assume you just simply do it. I yelled at you, asking you to redo all, yet you took so long to figure out the answer, finger counting is not allowed in kumon method, 12+9, 12+10? I supposed it look so difficult to you, I yelled at you, threatening that I'm going to cane you n put you standing outside if you can't get the answer. You cried helplessly, saying you don't know the answer. I was mad, I forced you to count, and count and count. My emotion is out of control, I spank you with ruler, spank the table with ruler when you got the wrong answer, so hard until the ruler break. I can see the fear in your eyes, on your face, tear rolling down from your eyes and you continue
to do the counting.

I know my bad n mad emotion has conquered me, I just couldn't cool down, I left you with last 20 questions and went to shower. Came down you happily told me that you are at last page last 2 questions. In my heart I wanna praise you but I didn't, I still angry with you. Checked your work, additional 9 is still got 8 wrong out of 10 in a page. I know you can't get the concept and right way to do the speed counting. Pack up her bag, hand you a pack of biscuit, I brought you to kumon. I know I gotta talk to your teacher, to help you n help myself to get thru it.

My emotion wasn't stable, I talked to teacher about your problem and how I get you to answered all the questions. My method was wrong, teacher enlighten me with the ways and comfort me that you has been doing very well all these while. This is the first time, since you joined kumon class, the biggest obstacles that you can't get thru. I wanna help you on this, to get thru this and build up your confidence again. 

I'm not being kiasu, it's not about kiasu. It's about you. Yes, I know you are only 4 years 3 months old, I just couldn't explain my feeling to you right now, as a mummy, I hope everything in your life is smooth sailing, I hope I can be with you whenever you face any obstacles and help
 you go thru it.  Mymethod is not correct, yelling and threatening you are not

 the way, I'm so heartbroken when I could see fears in your eyes, fear of you towards me, you must be wondering how could mummy turns into monster mummy just bcos she can't do the counting. I saw you doing your worksheet, I feel so heartache and wanna hug you tightly, you are my most previous gem that I wanna love you using all my life. 

I'm sorry girl, mummy really really love you with all my heart.