Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Flower day

You have been telling me that teacher wanted everyone of you to bring flower to school since 2 weeks ago, I asked you when do you need it, you told me next Thursday. After that, you questioned me why I didn't let you bring flower on the way to school every morning, huh? I was curious. Checked your communication book, teacher didn't put any remark or notes in it. So last week when I picked you up from school, I asked Teacher Nadia about this, she wasn't sure about it too, she asked around all your class teachers, none of them requested you to bring flower. Aha, why my little girl is lying? You was all silent when I asked teacher about it, looking at me n teacher with your big round eyes. Seeing you in such situation, teacher Nadia asked if you wanna give flowers to all the teachers, they will be more than happy to receive flowers. Talked to you on the way home, explained to you that we should not lie, if you really wanna thanks your teacher or show your love, you can draw a card to them. Not sure if you understand that, you still asking me the flowers since then.

Went to wet market this morning, saw the flower stall reminded me about you asking for flowers to teachers, bought some margarita and roses, this will be our activity of the day.

After dinner, it's your long awaiting activity of the day, cut some small paper for you to write your name and massage.

Besides writing your name on it, you draw some heart shape and smiley face too.

The flower trimming and wrapping part I will help you on it, you happily be my little assistant, passing me punches, scissors, flowers....Finally it's done!!

Flowers with your card on it. 

After done all these, you asked me why I did not do for Teacher Sherene (your tuition teacher)? why didnt do for kakak? Why didnt do for DiDi? AND why didnt do for you? 

Mummy's little sweetheart, all these are made with love for you, and for you to share your love with somebody else that you love :) Before going to sleep, you remind me to wake you up early tomorrow, ya, you have an important task tomorrow, good night, sweet heart, sleep tight :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm back !!!

It's been verryyyyy loonnnggggg time since I last updated this blog, kinda guilty as it's me and my precious' diaries.

Well, things have been changed so much along this period. The most exciting news is we are going to have a new member by end of this year. Ya, we are expanding, from family of 4 to family of 5, a big welcome to our baby DiDi :) Had been suffering from morning sickness for the the 1st trisemester, now I've regained my energy and feeling refresh.

Too many exciting things to do and awaiting for....August will be my study month, gonna resume violin class for Tiffy this month too and also sort out the new replacement maid. Sept is a busy month, darling's birthday, Tiffy's ballet performance, friend's wedding, my exam. Oct will be my maternity cum our family shot, gotta sort out all the new baby stuff as well as plan for the itinerary for our family Taiwan trip next Feb. Preparing Cayden and baby full moon stuff in Nov while waiting for my little precious to come to this world. Dec will be my confinement month, need to cope with 3 kiddos in the house, hopefully my new maid will be arriving by then. One of my 2013 new year resolution is to breastfeed my new baby for at least 6 months like his brother, if it can be 1 year, even better. Wow!!! Too many things in my mind....gotta gear up for all these exciting events.

I'm feeling life is so great, with a wonderful family, everything seems to be so well. What's more I can ask for? :)