Thursday, January 12, 2012

Perfect weather for painting day

Dig out the lady's fingers and lotus root from the fridge, we are going to have painting today.

You said : pink is for girl, therefore you pick a pink to start your painting.

Serious and focus to put the lady's finger stamping on drawing paper.

Done with the stamping, it's time for free hand painting :)

This is much more fun :)

You pick a blue colour instead, and carefully put on the colour on the lady's finger.

But couldn't do a nice stamping. What's the big deal? Afterall, it's a casual happy painting day.

Free hand painting, you like it so much :)

Hide yourself when you noticed that I'm snapping your photo.

After lady's finger stamping, free style drawing, you are going into so much fun of hand painting.

It's indeed a 'hand' painting.

You both spent the evening drawing, scribbling, stamping, hand painting, while I'm looking at you both enjoying it so much. At that moment, how I wish the clock will just stop ticking and you both just remains as my little precious MahLous :)


We went to BSC to celebrate Kai Kai YiYi's birthday last month @ Ben's general foodstore.

I said to you : Cayden boy, hug hug mummy. And you hug tightly. Love it so much so much.

You love lemon than anyone else. Oh, I can feel the sourness of lemon by just looking at your photo.

Cayden @ 1 year 23 months; Tiffany @ 3 years 5 months.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

光头仔, not again!!

Your hair is getting longer, although still very less and thin. Daddy said you should go for another round of 光头仔 look, No No!!! Not again!!! My boy is big enough and without hair on the top is ugly.

Getting ready for haircut.

Still can smiling while trimming in progress.

Going to be a macho little big man ya, be patient!!!

Ta-da!!! Side view , kinda weird...

Front view.

Bye Bye 光头仔 :)


Pick you up from school and Teacher Yan told me that you are good, you asked if there is a place for your brother in school?

I asked you again while heading home.

Me : Girl, how did you ask Teacher Yan today?

You : I asked Teacher Yan, my brother can come to school?

Wow, I love the way you asked, 'my brother', come from your mouth, it sounds so sweet.

Saw your homework was hang on the wall with ''Excellent'' stamp at Kumon, cannot resist to snap a photo of it, hehehehe :)

You asked me this before sleep.

You : mummy, what is 好命?

Me : 好命 means very happy life lo.

You : oh....好命 means good.

Me : ya, sort of.

Hmm, where did you learn this word? Girl, you know, 好命 to mummy is having u both as my precious kids, sincerely :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happily building car track

Received this car toy set from 姑姑 yesterday. Wow!!! It's Cayden's favourite, adding on members to the cars in the house. After noon nap and meal, it's time to build it.

Eventhough Tiffy is not fans of car, still attracted to play it.

Thanks to 姑姑,this toy set obviously can keep the MahLous entertained for quite some times.


Almost a year Cayden's home, we paid a visit to aunty today.

Tiffy wanted to carry a bag, so little follower wanna be the same too.

Cayden was abit shy off at first, but after a while, you warmed up and being very friendly to everyone, just that you speak very less, must speak more ya :)

Think back, Cayden is considered lucky to have another MaMa who loves you and take good care of you, including all her family members who sayang you alot. Look at how happy and frequent they miss you and talk about you, you are such a lucky little cowboy.


I have two mouses in the house, who like to open up the cupboard or fridge to hunt for food.

Big mouse is the leader, always able to find where I hide the foods.

Small mouse is the idea contributor, always find ways to reach for the foods.

Then, both will share the foods that they hunt.

Eventhough sometimes will fight for the limited resources of foods.

Both still two happy together little mouses in the house :)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rest & Relax Saturday

It's Saturday, it's not-another-routine working and schooling day. Like Tiffy always says : It's Saturday, Saturday is happy day, happy day we sing Happy Birthday to you....Yes, it's as happy as Happy Birthday.

This is usual, you both just like any drink serve on the table, tea, milo, soft drink or even plain water.

Cayden likes meat more, but dislike chunk meat in porridge.

Tiffy likes sweet stuff more, ice cream, cupcake...

Having breakie at a cozy restaurant on a no-rush-no-plan day, having two mahlaus giving us free entertainment with some funny acts and's indeed a blissful morning :)


After a day long lazing at home, we headed for early dinner @ Vintry.

What makes my little monkey pout? Cant remember, afterall you cheer up and laugh happily the next moment.

Having meal with both @ outside sometimes it's like a war. Dont get cheated by this angel's smile, you are a little demanding angel, who to sit with, where to sit, gotta get your permision. Which set of bowl, plate, cutlery you and DiDi use have to ask you, endless request of water, tissue, meat, soup. Until you to eat urself or someone specific to feed you, ask you, my little angel.

You, my little tasmania, you hardly speak, the most you say is 'I want, I want' and pointing at whatever you wish to get. Spilling water or soup are normal, using hand to eat is normal, playing cooking game when you are full is normal.

But out of all times, you both will eat obediently most of the time, finish up whatever in the plate, just like tonight. Tiffy's favourite food of carbonara pasta and Cayden's favourite food of caramelised roasted pork and beef rib-eye. Dont forget about the ice cream brownies. It's yummilicious :)

Tomorrow we are going to have early birthday celebration for Cayden, you are turning two, time flies!


Oh ya, showering time is another happy time!!! :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Very sunny day

Very sunny morning!!! Roll up the curtain and see this smiley sun by you, perfect morning!!!

Sunny day, sunglasses, macho little guy

Call me Mr. Cool...Yo Yo Yo~~

Still prefer your sunny smiley face :)

Girl and boy in black

Simple fun, simple day, simple laughter, simple photo, priceless moment!!!


Activity of the day, fixing puzzle!

The minute before, you both were fighting for a pack of drink, the next minute, both were happily munching on junk food :)