Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Different behaviors

Tiffany @ 4 years 3 month ; Cayden @ 2 years 9 months

Tiffy is fatty fatty elephant @ 20kg, 110cm ; Cayden is thin thin elephant at 15kg, 97 cm
Tiffy likes to eat noodle ; Cayden likes to eat rice
Tiffy likes to eat carbo foods ie bread ; Cayden likes to eat meat ie prawn, beef, crab
Tiffy sleeps without pillow ; Cayden sleeps with double layers of pillows
Tiffy likes papaya, apple and grapes ; Cayden likes orange and durian
Tiffy's favourite book is The magic porridge pot ; Cayden's favourite book is Bulilit ( baby frog)

Saying good night to bumble bee Cayden and good night princess belle jie Jie is a must. In return, they will greet me good night hello kitty mummy, good night leng Lui mummy

Saying good bye and hug and kiss endless time is a must when I send tiffy to school in the morning or hubby send cayden to school or vice versa, until we finish the whole walkway from doorstep to lift, making everyone hear both of them say bye bye Jie Jie, bye bye cayden, bye bye mummy, bye bye daddy.

After the last gathering with our friends
Tiffy : daddy, what does 'sokia' means ?
Daddy : .....

Lesson of the day : Again, use proper language even not talking to kiddos :)

Sending daddy off to work on a usual Wednesday
Cayden : bye daddy, I love daddy, bye daddy
Daddy : bye cayden
Cayden : see you on Monday
Daddy : **puzzled** daddy will come back tonight
Cayden : ok daddy, 2 minutes ar? See you on Monday

Lesson of the day : a while or later to cayden = 2 minutes ; see you on Monday = see you again/later

Monday, October 22, 2012


Was at the car park, opening the car door and I asked you to off from the door.

Daddy : Didi, 你小心一点,mummy 要开门,等下你头爆 hor...

You : 我会给你的车爆hor....

Lesson of the day : Use proper language when talking to kiddos :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Frustrated mummy vs Pitiful little girl

Out from the kumon centre, I decided to turn back and write this post.

Two and a half hour ago, you just started to do your kumon worksheet 2A140, it contains 100 questions of additional of 9 and 10 up to number 23 at home. First page, out of 10 questions, you got 8 incorrect answers, I'm very frustrated. Partly bcos you were not concentrated while doing it, partly bcos I assume you just simply do it. I yelled at you, asking you to redo all, yet you took so long to figure out the answer, finger counting is not allowed in kumon method, 12+9, 12+10? I supposed it look so difficult to you, I yelled at you, threatening that I'm going to cane you n put you standing outside if you can't get the answer. You cried helplessly, saying you don't know the answer. I was mad, I forced you to count, and count and count. My emotion is out of control, I spank you with ruler, spank the table with ruler when you got the wrong answer, so hard until the ruler break. I can see the fear in your eyes, on your face, tear rolling down from your eyes and you continue
to do the counting.

I know my bad n mad emotion has conquered me, I just couldn't cool down, I left you with last 20 questions and went to shower. Came down you happily told me that you are at last page last 2 questions. In my heart I wanna praise you but I didn't, I still angry with you. Checked your work, additional 9 is still got 8 wrong out of 10 in a page. I know you can't get the concept and right way to do the speed counting. Pack up her bag, hand you a pack of biscuit, I brought you to kumon. I know I gotta talk to your teacher, to help you n help myself to get thru it.

My emotion wasn't stable, I talked to teacher about your problem and how I get you to answered all the questions. My method was wrong, teacher enlighten me with the ways and comfort me that you has been doing very well all these while. This is the first time, since you joined kumon class, the biggest obstacles that you can't get thru. I wanna help you on this, to get thru this and build up your confidence again. 

I'm not being kiasu, it's not about kiasu. It's about you. Yes, I know you are only 4 years 3 months old, I just couldn't explain my feeling to you right now, as a mummy, I hope everything in your life is smooth sailing, I hope I can be with you whenever you face any obstacles and help
 you go thru it.  Mymethod is not correct, yelling and threatening you are not

 the way, I'm so heartbroken when I could see fears in your eyes, fear of you towards me, you must be wondering how could mummy turns into monster mummy just bcos she can't do the counting. I saw you doing your worksheet, I feel so heartache and wanna hug you tightly, you are my most previous gem that I wanna love you using all my life. 

I'm sorry girl, mummy really really love you with all my heart. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Saturday, August 18, 2012


Thursday, August 16, 2012

'Transformer Cayden' is down!

Of the hazy weather, my strong Transfomer boy is down again. Each time, when the days get hazy, your sensitive air passageways will get irritated. You cough frequently despite having a cold, as an active boy, you just couldn't sit still for a minute, this definitely worsen off the condition, seeing you coughing non stop due to shortness of breath, wheezing while sleeping, really heart broken :( Using inhaler or nebulizer are common to you now, rub Vicks VapoRub on your chest before you sleep, raise your head by using additional pillow, stay indoor, reducing your active activities are the things we do when haze strikes. Keeping our fingercross, hoping for a heavy downpour to clear the haze so that you can feel better. 

Staying indoor has limited your daily activity, and this parcel just arrived at the right time. Tiffy cant wait to wake you up from nap and show you this.

Waiting for the whole day, finally daddy is home to fix it for you.

Cant wait to open up the box and pick the design you like and waiting excitedly for your tractor to be fixed.

Your favourite toy of the day :)


Haze Haze go away, come again another day, this little children want to play, Haze Haze go away.

Haze, please go away!!!! We wanna go outdoor again :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

War of milk

You just had your milk @ 6pm, Cayden was unwell, so I settled you both to the bed before 7pm, you asked for another bottle of milk

You : Mummy, I want to drink nen nen

Me : Hey girl, you just drank not long ago, cannot!!

You : You dont love me, why you dont want make nen nen to me?

Me : No, you just had nen nen, you quickly sleep, later after you fall asleep I will feed you nen nen

You : I dont want, after I sleep I drink nen nen I have no feel

Me : I promised you I will make sure you wake up and feel your nen nen, ok?

You : You lying, later I sleep, you wont make nen nen to me

Me : I will!! I promise I will make nen nen to you

You : ok, if you didnt make for me, I will get angry

Me : yes lah!! promise you, quickly close your eyes.

After a while rolling on the bed

You : Mummy, my eyes're getting very small already, and I'm not moving, I'm going to sleep liao...

Me : Good girl, good night baby

You : But can you go make nen nen for me now?

Me : HARRR ???!!!

***Endless nen nen war***

You have your morning milk, afternoon milk, evening milk and goodnight milk everyday. Sometimes I substitute it with fresh milk in mug, you love it!, Yet, you still love your nen nen in your nen nen bottle. You enjoy rubbing your clothes edge while drinking nen nen, just like this...

Switched you from milk step 3 to step 4 has taken me more than a month, your taste bud is so sensitive, even a 50-50 mixture of formula no3 and no4, you could tell it easily. So we started from half a scoop. Not sure when you are going to wean it off, mummy is no worry and not going to hurry you on this, enjoy while you love it :)

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Friday, August 10, 2012

It's GrandMa's early birthday dinner

Got to know that we are going to have early celebration for grandma's birthday yesterday. Managed to grab a small bunch of daisies and an ice cream cake last minute.

Last minute printed birthday card in photo frame, with both monkeys own handwriting, with help from mummy of course :)

Funny Tiffy on your funny spec frame, daddy loves it so much, asking mummy to snap a photo of you using his phone, very rare case.

Daddy even asked me to snap a photo of him with you both :)

Of course dont forget about our silly-billy-happy family shot.

Happy birthday to grandma!!! We love you soooooo muuuccchhhh, plenty of muackkksss :D

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ordinary day with MahLaos

Part 1

Finally you got your own trolly bag, no longer need to fight with JieJie's hello kitty trolly bag and ended the confusions of some neighbours whether you are a He or She.

Cayden has Pocoyo and Tiffy has hello kitty, happy ending :)


Part 2

Bought some fresh clams from wet market this morning, told you both that mummy will show you some a new 'animal' in the house. 

After spending 10 minutes seeing the live clams, you asked me : mummy, where is the new animal you wanna show us?

PS. We have fried clam with ginger slice and red chili, as a seafood lover, Cayden loves it so much. Instead, Tiffy dare not even tried one.


Part 3

Activity of the day with daddy, fish feeding.

Since daddy has moved the fish fountain to this new location, it becomes so famous that mummy afraid fishes will die of too much feeding.

Ask you, Cayden to pose to mummy

You 'ran' away the next minute

PS : Fishes have been bred in a very fast pace, no longer need to suffer hunger and swimming in a almost drying pool. 


Part 4

Teacher Tiffany's teaching time. Wrote a SOFA and ask each one of us to read it loud, jelly fish is given for bad student and starfish for good student.

End of the ordinary day for both MahLaos.


One day in the car ride, Tiffy was complaining about the black car we are having.

Daddy : Leng, you like black car or white car?

Tiffy : I like white car

Daddy : why le? 

Tiffy : white car is nicer 

Daddy : black car also very nice ar...

Tiffy : If your teeth is black in colour, nice or not?

Speechless daddy and LOL mummy :D

Monday, August 6, 2012

Healthier cheeky monkeys

It's time for the juice of the day, today menu is orange + green apple + lemon. Both MahLaos already get ready their stools before I called them.

My Little Helper No.1

My Little Helper No.2

Tiffy's favourite juice is carrot + orange + lemon, Cayden's favourite fruit juice is watermelon + green apple + celery. Of all time, sourish pure orange juice or lemon juice will make both of you giving me this face >_<.  

Tiffy always has her light breakie-on-the-go in the morning before reaching school, either a mug of fresh fruit juice with scramble egg, hard boil egg, toast, sandwich, cereal or oat. Cayden will have his breakie at home after his morning milk before heading to school.  

When both MahLaos together, they will fight for toys, fight for books, fight for chairs, fight for a space or fight who to hug daddy mummy.

When one apart from another, they will look for their companion. First thing they open their eyes in the morning is looking for their the other half. I love feeling and seeing the sibling love among them. Although quarrel and fight of all time, but still love each other very much :)


Tiffy : (touching her hair) Mummy, can you tell me which rubber band am I using today?

Me : Turn around and let me see pls, girl...

Cayden : (rolling on the bed laughing cunningly)

It's a new deco from Cayden, a helicopter rubber band on the head. Quickly grabbed my phone and snap this precious moment :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

When it's 2 Ss, means it's HAPPY day

You always ask me what day is today? And then you will tell me that when it's 2 Ss, means it's happy day, Saturday and Sunday!!! 

Happy days mean dont need to obey the sleeping hour, happy days mean can sleep in daddy mummy's room, happy days mean can nap in family hall after watching cartoon, happy days mean dont need to go to school, happy days mean can visit grandma and grandpa, happy days mean can go shopping, happy days mean can play all day long.

Tiffy : mummy, what are we going to do later?
Follower Cayden : I want play car le...

Tiffy : we going to shopping with daddy?
Follower Cayden : I want to buy trolly bag

Tiffy : we going to eat dinner with b boy and little bubu?
Follower Cayden : I want to eat rice

Tiffy : I finished my rice, can I go to play?
Follower Cayden : I want follow JieJie

Tiffy : DiDi, JieJie going to my friend's birthday party, you cannot go.
Follower Cayden : I want to follow JieJie, I love JieJie.

Our happy weekend :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Princess dream ~

You has been requesting to make a necklace since the day you received this birthday pressie from mummy. Until today, daddy brought Cayden out, left you and me at home.

Patiently followed the instructions. Picking up the beads and choosing the colours you like. With mummy's help, finally your first barbie bracelet is done.

A simple design but took awhile to complete it.

Your happy and satisfied face :)

Your favourite character now is princess. You said princess is for girl, princess is someone very pretty just like you. You said you are going to have another princess party when you are turning 5. You said you want to have princess's room when  new baby is coming. 

My 'funny' look groomy Princesss Tiffany.

My Princess Belle Tiffany.


You hurt your little finger yesterday during dinner. I can feel the pain on your face, you didnt fuss much, just quietly sit in the car, quietly get home and shower, protecting your little finger so that nobody touch it. Wrapped some ice with hanky try to reduce the pain on your finger, you lying on the bed while I sponged your little finger. You were so peaceful and quiet, roll your eyes looking at me sometimes. My little sweetheart, I always feel that you should behave like a big sister, you should behave maturely, help mummy in discipline didi instead of complaining him, make less fuss and shout lesser. At this moment, I see you still my little girl, my only 4 years old little girl. Used to have the world all by yourself, used to have our love all by yourself, and now it gotta split some to both little brothers. Your misbehave, seeking for attention, fussing sometimes are understandable, sorry for raising my voice to you, sorry for punishing you. We, together learn to respect and love each other more, okie?! Mummy will learn to be more patient, learn to understanding your feeling more

My little sweet heart, good night, love you very very very much :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Library day

This is our first time visit to library at our place after moved it for 2 years ++. Usually, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are more relaxing as Tiffy has no class in the evening. Promised you both that we are going to library after nap and lunch, you both were so happy and excited.

Each of you grabbed a bag, put in the stuff that you like, Tiffy was some scribbling papers and colour pencils whereas Cayden of course is his favourite toy cars. We headed to library.

New environment, you look so fresh and energetic to complete your homework.

Cayden too, look so serious in reading the book you found there.

Kept you sit still and entertained for quite some times before making a big fuss. 

You both were so heavy hearted when I told you both it's time to go home. Asking me why so fast, when we will come here again? We can come again during weekend, bring daddy along, okie?


Our chilli plant has finally got a giant baby chilli. 

Really curious why red chilli seed can plant out green chilli instead :)