Friday, August 5, 2011

Tiffany @ 3 years 1 month old

It has been quite a long time since I last updated about the progressing of my dearie Tiffany. She has growth up too fast, in a blink of eyes, she talks like a little adult, does thing like a little-lady.

At 3 years 1 month, Tiffany is about 100cm and weighted 18kg.

Still taking 3-4 times of milk daily, 3 solid meals and snacking in between, love all sort of biscuits, spoilt by grandparents with vitagen, ice cream, chocolate which is categorized as forbidden food at home. Loves noodle, loves soup, loves carbonara spaghetti.

Napping for once from 1pm to 3-4 pm daily. Sometimes, will skip afternoon nap on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Very energetic and never fuss without napping.

Loves the story of Cinderella, Goldilocks, Ugly Ducking...Loves our very own version of story of 'Fatty Fatty elephant and Thin-thin elephant'

Can read Peter and Jane book 1a and 1b, without much problem.

Scared of 'Mo-mo' (monster) and clown. She always say that the lights opposite the jungle on the hill opposite our house is the eyes of monster.

Loves to do homework, tracing, colouring, counting, scribbling.

Loves to attend kumon class and loves to do kumon homework. She knows that she has to count fast for her kumon worksheet and started to learn to read time (digital clock) and started to write her name on her own, thus far, can only write T and I nicely.

Loves to attend ballet class despite she couldnt do the froggy jump for the last 2 lessons.

Got excited when Kai Kai Yi Yi let her hold the bow and play the cello, telling everyone that she's going to Violin class soon.

Loves to dress up nicely and have strong opinion on which one is nice and which one is not.

Loves to use my phone to snap photo, does not know who is 'angry bird' and doesnt enjoy the games in my phone, mostly she listen to story or songs using my phone. The only game she likes to play the most is 'Talking Tom' and 'Talking Gina'.

Sleeps in her own room with bro Cayden. Most of the time, waking up on my bed the next morning.

Loves everything in pink, red, purple. Insist blue, black, grey, brown are for boys even when choosing the colour pencil. Everything with bow or ribbon are for her, because ribbon is for girls.

Talk like little-big-girl now.

(In the car)
Tiffy : I dont like you kakak
Me : Tiffy....(hint to her that she shouldn't say that)
Tiffy : (imitate my voice) baby, do you love kakak? baby, you dont love kakak anymore?
She just now what I'm going to say and she knows well that what's right and wrong.

(recalling a penguin story book)
Tiffy : mummy, penguin cannot talk, because penguin is a toy.
Me : Then, can you talk?
Tiffy : Yes
Me : Can Cayden boy boy talk?
Tiffy : Yes
Me : Can mummy talk?
Tiffy : Yes
Me : Can Oscar (the dog next door) talk?
Tiffy : No, he will woof woof. He will BARK!!

She has very wide vocab and can use sentence connectors very well. But still confuse with are, am, is, him, he. Always say I is girl, him is naughty.

Always wish to have a sister and have been telling us that she wants a sister. She said she's going to share her bags, clothes with her sister.

Love to be loved, need lots of hug, kiss, saying I love baby many many times a day :)