Friday, July 8, 2011

silly funny happy conversation

At night, you, DiDI and me lying on the bed, looking at my wedding photo hang on the wall.

You : mummy, why you holding the flower?

Me : because mummy is the princess of the day lo...

You : why daddy hug you and daddy hold the flowers de?

Me : yes lo, daddy silly baby, flower is for girl girl

After a while, still looking at the photo

You : mummy, why me is not in the photo de?

Me : because you not yet come out, you still in mummy tummy lo

You : oh, I in your tummy, cannot see me ar?

Me : yes

You : DiDi also in your tummy?

Me : yes, you and DiDi inside mummy tummy

You : mummy, we two in your tummy, DiDi and me will fight de

Me : no la, you both will love each other de

[Can be truly happy and enjoy with a piece of tissue, that's you!!]

After a while, still on this same topic

You : mummy, in your tummy, I wear what clothes clothes?

Me : you didnt wear clothes clothes inside mummy tummy de...

You : why I no wear clothes clothes?

Me : because mummy tummy is very warm, you dont need clothes

You : oh...because mummy tummy no aircon ar?

Me : hmmm....true also....

After a while...

You : mummy, why....

Me : (before you ask further) baby, it's time to sleep...we continue tomorrow ok?? good night baby, I love baby **kiss forehead**