Monday, June 27, 2011

After dinner time...

Come come~~It's time for photo of the day!!! Today's pose is 'Everybody say AHHHH'!!! Cayden boy boy, say AHHHH!!!!

One with 好像月亮一样圆的脸的 Tiffy, the biggest among us.

Photographer of the day : Tiffany.

Loves the short moment after dinner, listening to the laughter of you both, chasing each other, wanted daddy to carry you both at the same time, taking all kind of funny photos together, life is great.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mini 模 in the house

Getting you to pose require some tactics and about the right timing.

Mood not good, you wont pose.
Clothes dont like, you wont pose
Sometimes mood and clothes just right, but timing not right, you wont pose.
Sometimes mood, clothes, timing are right, but no sunlight.
Sometimes everything just great, Cayden makes a fuss....

Today, everything just right, new arrival just reached, it's 11am+ in the morning, your mood is good, Cayden was not at home, everything seems perfect.

1st trial....

I love your smile and laughter in every photo, hence I need to do all kind of silly act to make you laugh, from story telling, song singing, exercise, dancing, weird sounds...Just to make sure all the happiest moment being captured.

When everything doesn't work, snack is the last attempt to tempt you and make you pose.

Your patience span is very limited, can get you changed 3 set of clothes consider very fruitful for the day. I gotta stop before you shout for 'Darling help me, Darling help me!!!'


The netting is to prevent Cayden from throwing objects from our house, but it looks like more attracting to get Cayden explore with it. Stones have to be away from the fencing from now onwards before we have police or guard post visitor coming to our house.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Friday

Two days after the 'peak' fight, you have been very good girl for yesterday and today, mummy think you deserved a small reward, so we headed for kfc after school...It's simply a happy Friday.

Tiffy : mummy, I want to go swimming...
Mummy : hmmm, wait daddy come home 1st lo...
Tiffy : ok lo, if daddy say go, then we go, if daddy say dont want, then dont want lo.

Sometimes, you can be really really understanding...

Recently, Cayden loves to dance, and cant stopped dancing when he's happy.

The more happy he is, the more he dances, the more he dances, the more happy he is, when he is happy, everyone is happy too :D

Sometimes, getting you both to pose for mummy is not easy at all, dealing with difficult kids, must use some tricky method. This is you both after the shot, sharing and distributing the biscuits.


Daddy say no swimming tonight, we went to bring new members home instead after dinner.

Welcome new buddies, 10 little sword fishes :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cayden is G.A.Y

Cayden's fonding of Tiffy's school bag and loves to play with it or carry it around the house.

Tiffy : Mummy, Cayden boy boy is taking my bag, it's red and got ribbon, it's for girl girl, Cayden is boy boy.

Cayden's trying to put on Tiffy's panty while Tiffy's in the toilet

Tiffy : Mummy, Cayden boy boy wear my panty, Cayden boy boy wear pampers, not panty (diaper)

Cayden's wearing a sleepwear with pink collar.

Tiffy : Mummy, Cayden boy boy is wearing pink, Cayden boy boy is GAY.

Alright, Cayden boy boy, your hair is growing longer, it's time for trimming, otherwise your sister will say you are GAY again.

My 'samseng' and naughty Cayden boy boy after haircut. Cant even snap a proper photo of him, he's too excited to run around.


I love seeing both of them sleep, my peaceful moment. Pose of the day, Tiffy sleeps on Cayden's leg

Tiffy's signature pose while drinking milk. She loves rubbing her clothes with fingers.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another 'PEAK'?

I waited you in front of the school gate, all your classmates have already came out, but not you. Teacher told me that you're changing clothes. I knew it, my heart told me, 'don't be angry, don't be sad, she's just a little girl'. Finally, you came out, wearing this, wearing a dress not belongs to you. I have so many questions mark, why? You pass urine in your pant twice? why? why? why?

Teacher told me that you saw your friend's changing clothes and you requested to change too, but teacher told you that your shirt is not wet, do not need to change. You told teacher you want to pass urine, teacher brought you to toilet, before removing your pant, you pass urine standing in the toilet....Girl, what is bothering you? Your friend changed her clothes because she spilt the water. Girl, what happened to you? Mummy couldn't understand. Mummy's sad instead of angry. What happened to my little girl?

I told myself, I'm going to put in the extra school uniform and legging inside your bag, even you wet yourself, you're going to put on the school uniform again, not more home wear.

I told myself, I'm not going to scold you or punish you, it must be something bothering you.

I told myself, be patient, give you more love, we'll overcome this very soon.

I told myself, I'm not going to raise my voice to you again, we use 'indoor voice', ok?

Girl, hold mummy's hand tight, we walk thru it together!~!~!~!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boy Girl big differences

MahLous have pretty short play time a day, together. It's after their nap time, usually around 4pm to 7pm.

Most of the time, Tiffy prefer to do drawing, tracing or colouring. Cayden, he prefer to explore everything around the house.

Recently, they have a new found game, which I called it 'after moved house syndrome'. They loves to play with masking tape and they will try to wrap everything in the house, chair, table, sofa....Thus far, they have finished up the 3rd roll of masking tape and started to find the 4th roll which I hide it. Terrible 'disease', have to cure it using time.

Pillow talk of the day :

Tiffy : mummy, later you make milk for me ha....
Mummy : okie, you sleep 1st, later after u sleep, I will make milk for you.
Tiffy : I want you carry me and feed me
Mummy : okie
Tiffy : I will drink milk and sleep.
Mummy : okie, good night baby, i love baby.
Cayden? zzzZZzzzzZzzzzz like a little piggy before we ended our pillow talk.

(Sometimes, I prefer not to let Tiffy to drink milk before bed, as to lower the risk of her passing urine on the bed and also she just taken her dinner the minute before bed, she'll fuss for milk all the time, thought of making lesser milk can comfort her, wrong!!! when she sees her bottle is not full, she cried, because she has milk-addiction since she was just a little girl )

Photo of the day...

Monday, June 20, 2011

T2 is extended

Baby, mummy loves you, loves you soooooooooooooooo much. You always tell me that you love me ten thousand years...Baby, MUMMY LOVES YOU TEN THOUSAND AND 1 YEAR. Love you every second, every minute, love you when you grow old, love you the rest of my life. You're going to be 3, going to be a big girl, mummy just wish your T2 is not going to be extended, your T2 is ending very very soon. Mummy is not picking your mistake or error, just wish that one day when you grow up and literate, and this blog still exist, you'll able to read how you drive daddy mummy up to the wall when you was just a little girl. I always love you, always and forever.

Case 1 : You purposely pass urine in your pant in the school because you saw your friends changing clothes, you wanted to change too.

Case 2 : You loves to beat people and each time when I heard you say 'I beat you', I'll say 'I love you...It gets transformed to 'I love you, I beat you', your version.

Case 3 : You have a bad habit by blinking your eyes frequently, I scared you with all sort of stuff, ie doctor, injection, crown...You seem not afraid of these anymore....

Case 4 : You loves to eat whatever I eat, canned drink, pack rice, instant noodle, biscuits, everything and when it's turn to eat your food, you refuse to open your mouth.

Case 5 : You cried loudly at the every instant you cant gets what she wants and always lead to throw out at last, instead of remembering what I taught you before that mouth is for talking and eating, not shouting and crying.

Case 6 : Everything is a 'NO' to you, from picking her clothes, shoes, bags, foods. Whatever I pick, you'll say NO and wanted to pick again.

Case 7 : Giving lots of excuses, from wasting the papers, masking tape, foods...You can think all sort of excuses to explain to me.

Case 8 : Behave like a baby, talk like a baby, fuss like a baby

You asked me one night, 'why everyone is scolding me?'

My dear, everyone is loving you, mummy loves you, daddy loves you too. No one will steal our loves to you. You're undergoing a very critical stage, which you need to built up your own character, your self confidence. Daddy and mummy are with you, we are learning too, learning together with you to overcome your extended terrible 2 stage.


Since we moved to new house, the 2 monkeys finally sleep in their own room. Many times, you both will walk to our room in the midnight, quietly slip onto our bed and into our comforter, squeeze together in our not-so-big bed till the next morning.