Friday, June 11, 2010

5 months old

Cayden is 5 months old
weight : 8kg (last month : 7.4kg)
height : ?
  • Drinks 6.5oz of formula every 3-3.5hours
  • Sleeps on average from 9pm to 6-7am the next morning without feeding
  • Still sleeps on tummy most of the time
  • Has his first pearly white, there are 2 actually, which are his 2 bottom central incisors
  • Enjoys playing peekaboo, will laugh out loud
  • Starts to reach forward to grab things infront of him, ie hanky or toys and pull it into his mouth, yet hasnt very good in hand eye coordination
  • Can turn from tummy to his back. To turn from back to tummy, still requiring helps from us.
  • He likes to stand. When we give him our finger, he'll grab it and pull himself up to sitting position and then to standing position, can stand for quite some times before he fell back to sitting again.
  • He doesnt like to be alone and definitely a playful baby. MUST have someone accompany him, talking to him, playing with him when he's awake.
  • Love to smiles and laughs, a simple name calling can make him laugh happily.
  • Loves smimming, tried twice so far

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Saturday's activity

Our family's Saturday's activity is to go swimming...It's called 'EXERCISE DAY'.
Got everything ready, float, goggles, swim suits, towels, bath toys, water bottles....LETS GO BABIES!!!!
Cayden's enjoying so much in the pool.

Having breakfast at poolside after swimming, I just love this morning, so relaxing!!!!