Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye Bye 2009

Time flies, 2009 has came to the last day. It was just like yesterday I gave birth to Tiffy. How fast the little one has growth up reminded me that time doesnt wait, clock doesnt stop ticking.
If 2008 was a great year, I would say year 2009 even better. Well, I'm hoping every year would be better (who doesnt, right??!! :) ). Looking back to my year 2008 new year post, WOW~~~ almost all my resolutions have came true, Tiffy's growing up so well, I'm really proud with her progress. My first investment serviced apartment has rented out the 1st month I got the key, with a satisfying rental.
The most happiest and wonderful thing in year 2008, I have really got Tiffy a companion, and as I wish, he is a 'COWBOY', of course baby 'COWBOY' is still under construction and the joys will span across to year 2010. Hmm....I'm so looking forward for my new life with our 2 little ones under one hut!!!!!
Well, what's more in year 2008?? I quit my job after 2 months in AIG, and officially becomes a SAHM. Do I enjoy the life as a SAHM? Hmm, YES, I'M!!! What's better than having the chance to witness the growth of my little princess?? :)
It's time to list down my 2010 resolutions :
1. To give birth to baby Cayden of course is the most important task in 2010, I wish I could have a smooth delivery process and of course a healthy baby boy.
2. Tiffy's education. To spend more times with her and also scout for a centre for her.
3. To well-planned and have more healthier life. Taking good care of both babies, hubby and my daily meals and life.
4. To complete at least 3-4 papers in year 2010. (Foresee I can only start this after May2010)
5. To better control my bad temper and change my perspective of life.
6. To love, appreciate and cherish the moment with hubby. (with the two little ones, it's getting harder to have ''2 people world''.)
I could only think of these for now. Well, of course there are more and more to come and the list will never stop. For now, I wish all my family members and friends, have a great year ahead too, HAPPY NEW YEAR :D

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Daddy and goggles

I like to dig out daddy's goggles from the drawer and wear it at home, just like this!!!!

This morning, daddy volunteer himself to help me to put on the goggles...See how scary daddy did that, it's just like a spider stick on my face!!!
So, daddy changed another style. Well, it's slightly better, but my cheeks were being squeeze so hard!!!
Anywaylah, daddy...Tiffy still loves you...muackkksss~!~!~!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Getting ready....

Most of the stuff for the arrival of our second baby have been sorted out.

For baby Cayden

1. Clothes - WASHED AND READY!!! (basically all is hand-me-down clothes from Tiffy)
2. Mittens and booties (also hand-me-down from Tiffy) WASHED AND READY!!!
3. Handkerchiefs, towels, face towels. WASHED AND READY!!!
4. Mamypoko S size diapers - READY!!!
5. Clothes diapers and nappy liners - WASHED AND READY!!!
6. Pillow and blanket - WASHED AND READY!!!
7. Feeding bottles - READY!!!
8. Milk warmers - READY!!!
9. Shampoo, body shampoo, oilment, nappy rash cream - READY!!!
10. Wet wipes - READY!!!
11. Receiving blanket - WASHED AND READY!!!
11. Baby cot - still at Cheras's house, thinking if needed to move back...
12. Stroller and car seat - wait until baby Cayden come out..

For myself

1. Breast pad - READY!!!
2. Breast pump - READY!!!
3. Labour beg - READY!!!
4. Labour plan - READY!!! (Wrote hubby a note how to handle Tiffy's daily life, hopefully he can handle her with the help from mum-in-law)
5. Herbs for consumption, herbs for shower, sesame oil, rice wine - yet to be sorted out
6. Fresh ingredients, ie chicken, ginger - mum-in-law will take care of it

For baby Tiffany

Need to get the belows item ready for Jan10 and Feb10.

1. Enfagrow A+ (12 packets)
2. Pet Pet diapers size XL (4 packets)
3. Mamypoko diapers size XL (2 packets)
4. Cereal, mixture of flavour (8 packets)

For hubby

Notes from wife after I admitted to hospital
1. Please change the bedsheets for our room and baby's room
2. Please cleanup the rooms and toilet.
3. Please bring Tiffy for 1st DTPa/HiB + OPV booster (appointment date is on 23.1.2010)
4. Please bring my laptop to hospital
5. Notes on how to handle Tiffy sticks on the notice board, please refer to the note for Tiffy's routine life.

Am I missed out anything??

Well, if baby Cayden comes out on the EDD,my both sisters will not be around during this period, plus elder sister's son, Jeffrey will be staying at my house from 23.1.2010 for 4-5 days at least. What a coincident? The Hong Kong trip I booked for them is also falls on 23.1.2010!!! So, no choice!!! Hopefully, baby Tiffany, Jeffrey, me will not cause hubby has a big headache by that time. Anyway, I believe that, 'when the boat arrived, the bridge wil be in order''!!! So, good luck my dear...*muakssss*

Monday, December 21, 2009

Our both babies

I knew I'm going to regret if I did not jot all these down. This is indeed a precious moment, a precious contact between my both babies. I should have captured videos on it, I should have snap more pictures of my both babies. I'm not sure when baby Cayden comes out, Tiffy will still sayang her DiDi like now, I'm not sure when Tiffy grows up, she still remember this precious moment when her cute little actions, how she bang on mummy's tummy, how she kissed DiDi inside mummy's tummy, how she slept in 'monkey style', with her tummy on mummy's tummy, head on my chest with DiDi in between, how clumsy is she when her little hands cant fully hug her DiDi in mummy's tummy, how naive is Tiffy when she tried to feed DiDi with her toy ice-cream. Truly, I cherished what I'm having right now, I wanted to hold it tight so that all my precious will be with me always!!! The feeling is so good. I felt that I'm the world's most 'hangfook' woman!!! Less than a month, baby Cayden will be coming out....I'm going to miss this moment very much!!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

My not-so-little little girl

Suddenly, I realized my little one has growth up so much...She can do many things and know many things now.
1. Tiffy can say up to 3-4 words in a sentence, for instance 'daddy take book book', 'mama make neng neng'.
2. Tiffy likes to sleep with me. She'll ask me to lie down at her side and request me to pat her buttock at night. If I sit up, she'll point and pat the pillow, say 'mama yieng yieng' (which means mama sleeps).
3. Tiffy likes to hug and kiss me. She'll hug me from my back or when I sit on the floor, she will walk towards me, give me a big hug and kiss me surprisingly.
4. Tiffy starts to be picky on the foods, she dislike porridge now, most of the time, she eats noodle or rice with soup.
5. Tiffy greet family members everytimes, ie she will call 'daddy' when she see daddy's home, she will call 'ah mah' when she see grandma in the morning.

There are too many things mark that Tiffy has growth up, yet she still my sweet heart, my little princess, I cant stop loving her more everyday.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pooh pooh spoilt already!!!!

Not sure what's wrong with pooh pooh, he just cant function well sometimes, maybe mummy helped pooh pooh to put on the socks, so pooh pooh cant walk smoothly. The music stuck half way and pooh pooh cant step out, yet Tiffy still very happy with her 'spoilt pooh pooh' :D

Monday, December 14, 2009

Rubber band vs banana

Tiffy called rubber band as 'BANBANBAN' and banana as 'BABABAN', both sounds similar, yet we are able to differentiate which one she refers to. She knows BANBANBAN is to tie up her hair and BABABAN is something delicious, she can even recognize all sort of BABABAN picture, from animation, cartoon, real pictures, or real banana.

All the family members is influenced by Tiffy, now everyone called banana as BABABAN. It's really misleading :p

Saturday, December 12, 2009

33 weeks

I'm already at my 33 weeks pregnancy. Time flies!!! Done the checkup this morning. Well, baby's growing bigger, almost 2.2kg by now. I supposed baby is more cramped inside my tummy now, as I can feel all his kicks are so hard and can feel his movement almost every hour. From the scan, doctor mentioned baby's having big nose and big head.
Anyway, my baby hasnt turn to the right position. He's actually at breech position where his head up to my right side and his bottom down. Hopefully he will turn to the right position by 36 weeks. I'm not prepared to have any c-section, so please baby, dont so playful, fast fast turn to the right position ya :)
For me, I feel more tired and heavy now. I cant walk fast, I cant do many houseworks at one time. My baby will give me warning by giving me feeling 'pain' around the tummy. Doctor mentioned that I need to slow down and rest more. With the tricky position of my baby, doctor also mentioned that I suppose to have backache if walking too much as the baby back is just towards my spine. Hmm....I hope baby will come out soon, but at the same time, I'm enjoying the moment when he is still inside my tummy. *dilemma'ing*

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rachel's birthday celebration

Ke Shin's 10th birthday celebration @ Marche, The Curve.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

School holidays!!!!

It's school holidays again!!! The time I love the most!!! I believe Tiffy loves school holidays too....Simply because Rachel jie jie and Chloe jie jie will be here. For Tiffy, she's definitely delighted with the arrival of both jie jies, since she has someone to play with. Well, for me, of course I'm having 2 additional little helpers to assist me in taking care Tiffy and also helping me in some simple tasks.
In my 3rd trisemester pregnancy, with the big tummy, I felt so hard to squat down or even sit on the floor and then stand up again. However, little Tiffy's height really requires me to squat most of the time, ie helping her to put on the shoes, pants, washing her buttock and etc. The two little helpers just in time to be here to help me in all these. I sincerely appreciate that.
Now, I can go shopping, I can take my noon nap, I can surf net, I can do my study, I can complete my house chores without pausing it for few rounds. My two little helpers, Xiao Yi love you both...muakkkk~!~!~!~!