Saturday, October 31, 2009

Exam day

After mummy showed me so many pictures of different object, finally this is the day, my first exam day!!!
First question, which one is banana??
2nd question : which one is kiwi?
3rd question : orange ??
4th, 5th, 6th, 10th, 20th.....Aiyo~~~so many questions until I get frustrated already....
Anyway according to mummy, I can answer most of the questions correctly. But sometimes, I just cant pay full attention to mummy's exam questions. I like to flip thru the stack of flash cards to find my favourite objects or animals, ie rabbit, mouse, spoon. Considered I have pass the 1st level of exam, mummy gave me a 'stamp' on my forehead, which says 'GOOD JOB'. HOORAY :D
Objects I can recognized by now
ANIMALS : rabbit, mouse, sheep, horse, pig, frog, cat, dog, duck, bird, chicken, cow
FRUITS : banana, apple, kiwi, watermelon, strawberry, orange
PARTS OF BODY : hand, mouth, nose, ear, eye, hair
OBJECTS AT HOME :spoon, toilet, chair, bed, sofa, door, table
Mummy can understand most of the words I pronounce, but for others, whether they can understand me, I'm not very sure :p

Friday, October 30, 2009

Playing with buddy DODO

Tiffy : DODO, Tiffy bring you go kai kai ya....Say bye to mummy!!!

Tiffy : Aiseh!!! Get stuck tim!!! Need to make an U-turn....

Tiffy : AIYA!!! AIYA!!! why so hard to turn?

Tiffy : Phew!!!! Finally...DODO, please enjoy the ride!!!

Tiffy : OOPSS!!! DODO, I'm so sorry....Are you alrite??

Tiffy : Luckily, DODO did not get injured. DODO, please sit still this time ya

Tiffy : Here we go again....

Tiffy : DODO, do you enjoy the ride??

Tiffy found a new game this evening, which is giving DODO a ride. She enjoys pushing DODO around the room. Once a while, she will stop her 'car' and give DODO a big hug, and then put DODO back to the car seat and continue the journey. She must have had lot of fun pushing DODO as she seems never get tired with this game.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hide and Seek

Mummy's waiting for me at toilet.
** Ting~~Ting~~Ting~~** I have an idea~!~!~!
I want to play a game with her, which is Hide and Seek.
Mummy's looking for me from the door outside the bedroom, but I purposely came from bedroom.

Oh, mummy saw me!!! faster runaway....Yeah!!! Here I'm....outside the bedroom...

Aiya!!! Daddy tailed my back, I cant runaway this time!!!

Mummy finally caught me....I have no choice but letting mummy to strip me off and bath me...

It's funny to 作弄 mummy. I have definitely cheer up her day!!! wuahahahahah :D

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Climbing up stairs

I'm always looking forward to the moment when Tiffy starts to climb stairs. It's no doubt a new milestone for her, yet on the other hand, I have to worry more about her safety.


Today, I taught her how to climb up the stairs. Very fast, Tiffy has mastered the technique. I was very amazed with her learning pace. In fact, I only taught her and show her once how to climb up. Now, she can climb up stairs on her own. But, I still need to tail her back, ensure she doesnt stretch too far that she loses her balance.



Two things we need to do now after Tiffy learned how to climb stairs. First, to consider if we need to install the safety gates at the top and bottom of staircases. Secondly, to teach Tiffy how to get down the stairs, either going down feet first while sliding on her belly or by scooting down on her bottom, at least until she's stable enough to be able to hold on to a hand rail and understand about slipping.


Tiffy learned this word '美美' and also understand what is the meaning of '美美'.
If we asked her, where is '美美' ? Sometimes, she will point at her two pony tails if her hair is being tied up.
If we asked her, where is '美美' ? Sometimes, she will point at her hair clip.
If we asked her, where is mummy's '美美' ? She will find anything on me which she finds it's nice.
If we dress her up, she will keep telling us, '美美', '美美' and show off her dress to everyone, just like this.

She's getting more girlish and ladylike nowadays. Sometimes, when she see I'm applying mosturizer to my face, she'll keep looking at me and imitates my action later on. The other day, grandpa was asking me if she saw us applying face cream, as this little one was imitating us, holding a bottle, pretend to pour to her palm and apply it with finger to grandpa's face...Hehehehe, it's funny and cute!!! :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tooth #10

Just roughly a week away from Tiffy first molar grown, the upper (left) first molar is now catching up. Tiffy currently has 10 teeth.
Nowadays she can really bite hard. I had a painful experience when I checked on her gum this morning, she suddenly bites hard at my pointer finger and doesnt want to let go until I need to push her head away. Ouuhhh!!! It's really painful. Aiks!!! This naughty Tiffy can still laugh happily when see my painful face. From now I have to be extra careful when checking on her gum again.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm sorry, baby....

Baby, mummy does not know what's wrong with you today?!! You have been very naughty, cranky, out of control the whole day. Maybe you dont get enough sleep during noon nap? Or you're not feeling well? Or you need mummy's attention??

Mommy shouted at you when you get choked and vomit the milk, mess up the bed and floor.

Mommy shouted at you when you refused to eat your porridge during lunch, demanding this and that.

Mommy shouted at you again when you fuss and cry without a reason when mommy turn on the TV.

Mommy shouted at you again again when you're so naughty and cry half way playing with your toys, again mommy cant figuring out what's wrong with you.

Mommy shouted at you again again again when you made so much noise when mommy is chatting with Mei Fang YiYi at mommy's room.

Mommy shouted at you again again again again when you suddenly cry in the living room, with no reason AGAIN.

This time, mommy must have frighten you and gave you a big shock, mommy saw your little body shivered and you ran towards mummy, cry even louder. At that moment, mommy's heart was so pain, mommy's feeling so guilty. Holding you tight makes mommy felt even worst. Mommy's heart is bleeding.....Sorry, baby...Please forgive mommy....

Saturday, October 24, 2009


This morning, without using the thermometer, we can feel that Tiffy has recovered as we do not feel any heat from her body and she's very active. She can shout very loud and run here and there playing with Shannon jie jie.
However, for safe side, I request hubby to bring Tiffy to doctor. I must be too 'kam cheong' until hubby also cannot tahan me. What to do?? This is motherhood ma....Hmm, doctor mentioned it's only mild fever, nothing serious since our little one is very active even at the clinic.
The whole day, Tiffy's very active, playful, eat well, sleep well....I think, our little girl has fully recovered!!! Hooray!!! :D

Friday, October 23, 2009


Tiffy had her 1st Hep A vaccine this morning. Around lunch time, I detected Tiffy's body is very warm, check her temperature...Wow!!! it's 37.6 celcius degree, she's having fever. No wonder she seems so moodless and tired. However, doctor mentioned that hep A jap will not cause any discomfort or fever. Maybe it's the virus spread by those poor sick kids in the clinic this morning. Aiks!!!!
I gave her the medicine around 12.30pm. Very soon she 'recovered' from her moodless and tiredness mood and can play well, eat well. Around 5.30pm, I felt her body temperature is rising again, she looks very tired and wanted me to carry her all the time. Aiya, not yet the time for 2nd dose of medicine ohh. When I measured again at 6pm, it was at 38.2 degree celcius, immediately I fed her the medicine and put her to sleep. The whole night, her body is very warm. I turned off the aircon, only on the fan. She did not sweat at all. She must be feeling very unwell. Once a while, she tossed and turned and making some noise. I waked up one hour interval to check on her. Luckily, her body temperature drop to 36.4 degree celcius after I fed her with the more powerful medicine. She continued to sleep although will still making some noise in the midnight. Hope that her fever will subside tomorrow morning, my poor little girl.
**finger crossed**

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mother Garden Wooden Toys

Browsing thru the official website of this wooden toys, I'm so happy and excited to find out such a good quality and cute wooden toys manufacturer. Wow!!! They have so many range, from wooden kitchen cabinet, wooden bread toaster, wooden refrigerator to wooden cake set, wooden ice cream set. I feel like owning it all!!!! Aiks....they are too CUTE AND ADORABLE!!!!
After all, I only managed to get these 2 sets of wooden masak-masak for Tiffy. Thanks to my sister and brother for picking it up from the seller for me.

OHH!!!! They are just as nice as my expectation!!! I'm very sure Tiffy will love to play with it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Long-winded - part2

Everyday, Tiffy will ask me these questions :
De-di le??
Gong gong le??
Jie jie le??
Ah mah le?
Each time, I will answer....
Daddy's working
Gong gong at office
Jie jie at school
Ah mah's sleeping
And yet, she's not satisfied with my answers. After I answered, she'll ask again....After 5 seconds, she'll ask the same questions again. After 10 seconds, she'll ask again....Just like a broken cassette player, keep repeating and repeating. Aiyo!!!! Somemore, she'll give me the facial expression and body language as above, as if she's really puzzled where have they been?
Soon, mummy'll become a broken cassette player too, by answering the same questions everyday repeatedly.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


If anyone of us out of Tiffy's sight, or anything trigger her mind to think about us, she'll keep calling us, NON STOP, with very LOUD voices until something distract her focus or something else catches her attention...

Nowadays, the repetition of name calling of 'de-di' or 'mama' or 'ah mah' or 'gong gong' or 'jie jie' can be heard always. There is one morning, Tiffy was standing at the back door of kitchen, suddenly something came across her mind and she started to shout 'jie jie'...'jie jie'....(actually she's calling at the 2 years old jie jie next door), until the jie jie really came out and play with her. Aiks, I suppose this has definitely motivated her to shout more in future :p

Monday, October 19, 2009


Our little girl learned this new word recently, which is 'HUG HUG'. Most of the time, she says it as 'AG AG' than 'HUG HUG'.
Well, when we asked her, 'Tiffy, come, hug hug daddy' or 'come, hug hug mummy', she will run to us with her arms open, give us the biggest hug that her little arms could handle, with a very gently words of 'AG AG' from her mouth. She even patted our back while she's hugging us, just like what we always do it on her. It was such a sweet and tender moment.
Wow~~ I could not believe that our little girl, whom I had hugged and comforted so many times is now knows how to give us a big hug instead. AWWW!!! IT JUST MELTED ME!!! :D

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Tiffy's maintaining the nickname of 八牙人 since she was 12 months old. I was wondering when will her next tooth comes out? She's already 15 months old ++, I was jokingly telling hubby that maybe our little one has only 8 teeth in total. Sister told me that maybe all the calcium in her body was used for the bones to stretch higher.
This morning, when I was checking her gum, I can feel a sharp thing on her lower gum, it's must be her first molar. Finally it's out!!! It supposed to come out between 12 to 14 months. The good thing is she never showed any sign of crankiness or lost her appetite. She remains as a super active baby!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Today is Mei & Fai big day. As their good friends, for sure we wouldnt want to miss their ROM.
As expected, the groom is late. Snap some photos while waiting for the groom.

Tiffy : Jie jie, are u proposing to me??
Tiffy : Jie jie, you are very pretty, but I dont love you oh!!!

Perfect match!!!

Group photo!!!

Wishing you both a happy marriage filled with love and joy. Most importantly, wishing you both have a winter baby tiger soon...cheers :D

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Swimming with arm floats

I'm big girl now, the neck floats previously cannot fit well with my size of body. So, I got this arm floats as a replacement. I cant wait to try on my new arm floats and swim freely in the pool.
This is the first time 外婆 and 阿姨 see I swim. This is also my first time swimming with arm floats.
The arm floats are awesome!!! I love it so much!!! Daddy mummy, can we come again next weekend, please??!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

'Beary' bank

Everytimes when we have coins, we'll keep it aside, wait for Tiffy to feed her 'beary bank' the next morning. With her improved hand-eye coordination, she can put the coins into her beary banks without a mess nowaday. The most importantly, she enjoys doing it and she never get bored doing it.
She kissed her beary bank, I dunno why also, maybe she found her beary bank is cute. She kissed everything she found cute recently. She kisses DoDo, she'll lift up my blouse and kisses her didi (my tummy), she kisses the cloth diaper with a bear bear printing, she kisses her T-shirt with mickey mouse printing. Anything she finds cute, she'll kiss them. Of course, she kisses mummy and daddy everyday and night :)
After she fed her beary bank with coins, I asked her to pose one with her beary bank to mummy's camera, surprisingly she did what I told her, somemore with a very sweet cheeky smile.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Worst fall

Tiffy fell down yesterday night and her head bumps to the ground while she's chasing me from grandpa's room to my room. I dunno what I'm doing at that moment, I just stunned and stood beside her, did not carry her immediately. Once I realized how serious she fell down from the voice of her crying, I know it isnt a light fall. YES, it's serious, her forehead bruised and swollen immediately. She cried and fuss as if it is really really painful!!! Aiks!!! So pitiful oh!!!
Luckily, the little one still knows how to play 'manja-manja' after awhile of fussing and crying, wanted her daddy to carry her and pat her to sleep. With the warm and cozy cuddle, she fell asleep very soon.

Aiks!!! Sorry ya little girl, mummy is too careless....sayang barbie ya :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Climbing up the sofa

After overnight at 外婆's house last Saturday, Tiffy learned 2 new things. Climbing up sofa or bed is one of it.


All this while, I was hoping that Tiffy dont learn this skill so soon, at least I can have a longer period of peace of mind, without worrying she'll climbs up this and that or fall down or hurting head or hands.


This morning, she was actually surprised me with this new learned skill. She surprised me further when I was lying on the bed, letting her playing with the toys in the bedroom, and after awhile, she was actually appeared on the bed, sitting besides me. Oh!!! she must have climb up by her own. The height of our bed is higher than the sofa in our room. OHH!!! She must have mastered the skill of climbing.


Nowaday, she always say '爬...爬...爬...', ''爬...爬...爬...'. And the next minute, she's already on the bed or sofa, sitting next to us.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

*Blink Blink*

外公 told mummy that Tiffy will blink her eyes when he asked her '你的眼睛呢?'
Hmm, true or not? I never taught Tiffy about this and she didnt show us that she knows how to blink eyes when ask so.
To proof it.
外公 asked : 宝宝, 眼睛le?
Tiffy blink blink her eyes....
And then, 外公 asked again : 宝宝, 黑溜溜的眼睛le?
Tiffy blink blink her eyes again....
Eeee!!! So cute oh!!!! When Tiffy blink blink her eyes, she's like releasing 1000w of power, making everyone faint!!! KAWAII desu :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Toast in egg roll

Ingredients :

1. Mushroom
2. Capsicum
3. Egg
4. Bread
5. Pasley
6. Tomato sauce
7. Salt
8. Pepper

Methods :

1. Diced the bread and toast it in preheat oven for 2-3 minutes
2. Cut the mushroom and capsicum into small dice and mix well with the toast
3. Beat the egg, add in salt, pepper and pasley.
4. Pour the egg mixture into pan, and then add in the ingredients in step (2), fry until golden and roll it
5. Serve well with tomato sauce.

** recipe from mamibaby magazine **

Friday, October 9, 2009

Farm animals

Tiffy can recognize all these farm animals and identify each of the animals with the name.

She loves to play with this farm animals puzzle. Each morning, she'll request me to take it for her. And she loves to be tested on her understanding too, when she's able to pick the correct animals, she'll laugh happily and clap her hands.

She knows this is CHICKEN, but she pronounces it as 'KEIKEN'

When we asked her where is DONKEY? she'll find this piece of puzzle.

This is called 'mehhh' which taught by daddy

'WOOH WOOH' means doggy. Sshe knows very well what's WOOH WOOH, will shout 'WOOH WOOH', 'WOOH WOOH' when she sees a real dog at the street.

She called this as 'duck duck'.

Tiffy's favourite farm animals is 'MOO MOO'. She will grab this 'COW COW' puzzle first when I open the box and carry this 'COW COW' wherever she goes.

She called this as 'COW COW'. Sometimes, when we asked her for the 'COW COW' puzzle, instead of give us the COW HEAD.....

She'll give us the COW BUTTOCK....

She's not able to match the animals body with the animals head yet, most of the time, she'll be doing this kind of matching....

It's funny to look at her new creation of animals :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cupido aka DoDo

Let's meet DoDo!!!
Cupido aka DoDo is my new buddy...from MPH The Curve by daddy.
I love DoDo very much. I'll bring DoDo wherever I go, kiss DoDo in the morning, kiss goodnite DoDo before I fall asleep, sayang DoDo and give DoDo a big hug everyday.
To bite DoDo as usual I bite my clothes, my hanky....NO WAY!!!
To lose DoDo as I lost Socks before....NO WAY!!!
To love DoDo as I love daddy, mummy and Socks....YAYAYA!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

15 months

Tiffany is 15 months old today!!!

Weight : 12.5kg
Length : 85 cm
Head : 48.5 cm
Tiffy's diet :
Has increased Tiffy's milk from 8.5 oz to 9 oz. Most of the time, she can finish it.
1 portion of cereal or oat in the morning
1 portion of fruit in the afternoon
2 portion of porridge in the afternoon and evening
New foods of the month :
Too many until I cant recall....radish, apple pie, kuay toew soup, choco cake and etc etc.
Tiffy very first pearly white :
- Same -
Total 8 teeth
4 teeth on the upper jaw and 4 teeth on the bottom jaw
Tiffy's sleeping pattern :
Sleep throughout the night from 8.30 pm to 7.30am
Changed from 2 times of nap during day time to 1 time. Approximately 2.5 hours to 3.5 hours starting from 12 pm.
Tiffy's new developments :
  • Finally, she's willing to hold her own milk bottle. Sometimes, she'll still take it out and give it to me to hold for her. Lazy little girl!!!
  • Able to sit down slowly and smoothly without hurting her buttock.
  • She can now shake her head or nod her head, in answering our questions. Like when we asked her the food nice or not? She'll nod her head and said 'nice' (in a improper pronociation)
  • Follow simple direction. I asked her to pick up her used diaper and throw it into the dustbon behind the sofa, she can do exactly what I ask.
  • Loves to help around the house, ie sweeping the floor, wiping the table.
  • Love to play games, like pointing to body parts or pictures when asked or matching lids and stacking blocks.
  • Can recognize and say the name of many obejects, ie farm animals, things around the house, parts of body, people.
  • To bring her to shopping is a great challenge. This mini-explorer is much too curious to sit still in her stroller. She'd much rather to walk and exploring around. Pulling things off of shelves and then try to carry the objects while she walks around are common when we brought her out.
  • Loves to call out 'da-dee, ah mah, gong gong, ma-me' aloud when we are out of her sight. Even when we are with her, she'll suddenly pop her head near to your face and call da-dee or ma-me, making our hearts melt by her sweet calling.

Tiffy's mood :

  • Temper tantrums, over-pampered. Yet, getting more easier to 'communicate' with her as she's able to express what she wants, or needs most of the time. However, when 'communication break down', she'll become very cranky and out of control.
  • Most of the time, she's sweet heart to family members or close friends. Loves to smile and laugh. Shows sign of 'shy' when strangers around.

Tiffy's vocab :

  • ma-me - mother
  • didi - brother
  • keiken - chicken
  • bear bear - bear
  • wooh wooh - doggy
  • cow - cow
  • mehhh - goat
  • ze - lizard
  • ant ant - ant
  • poon - spoon
  • e - itchy
  • mei mei - pretty
  • she can says many other words, but will tend to forget it after 2-3 days if not been practising.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

His name is Cayden Tan, 陈曦

Had my 6 months pregnancy follow up checkup at Prince Court Medical Centre. We decided to deliver our baby there too. Took a tour during the visit to their labour room and ward. Overall, the doctor, services, rooms and environment are good.
Well, for our baby, he is healthy and growing up well. Doctor once again confirmed that baby is a 'He'. She tried to reveal his face to us, but baby is too naughty, using his hands to cover his face. I can see from the screen, baby is very active, he just cant stop moving around and let doctor do a proper scan. No wonder I felt the kicks so frequent.
Hmm....we are going to name our baby 'Cayden'. Chinese name 陈曦. I'm not sure if he'll blame on us next time when he has to write his chinese name. As for me, until today, I do not know how to write the word 曦 properly and nicely. It has too many strokes la.....To name him as 陈曦, simply because it's same pronociation as 晨曦, which means 'morning'....Morning should be a good start, an energetic start of a day, hoping my baby will be same as this too :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Brushing teeth














Tiffy knows how to brush her teeth now, although not in proper manner, and not thoroughly clean her oral, teeth and tongue each time. At least she's not reluctant to open her mouth anymore.


Everytime, when I bath her, I'll ask her, ''do you want to brush your teeth?''. She'll point at her toothbrush, nod her head and said 'ya..''ya...''ya...'. Then, she'll continues to brush her teeth until I finished bathing her and ask her to drop her toothbrush into the basin. Thumbs up for Tiffy :)


Sunday, October 4, 2009


Daddy asked me to stand still here and wait for him to change.

Why daddy so slow arr??

I'm ready to jump into the pool



No la....I dare not jump into the pool oh!!! sitting besides the pool, splashing water is more fun

Or maybe swim like a fish in the pool, isnt it is more funny?!