Thursday, July 23, 2009

Walking steadily

I've have not been updating about Tiffy's developments milestone for quite some times.
Hmm...the biggest achivement over this period should be this ----> Tiffy ables to WALK STEADILY now.
At first, Tiffy only takes one or two steps before grabbing hold of hands or a chair to help her regain her balance. By practising her walking skills everyday, from holding both hands as she practices this new skill. Then, as she's more steady,we tried to hold her with just one hand, until have her grasp one or two of our fingers. She can now walk from front to end without having to hold her all the time. Although sometimes she waddles like a penguin with legs wide, feet turned out, and arms held out, it's quite funny yet scary to see her walking (we all afraid that she might lose balance and fall down).
When we put her to sit on a staircase, she ables to stand up and walk towards wherever she wants. To make a turn to her left or right or even make a big U-Turn doesnt seems causing any problem to her. She can even hold a bottle, remote controls or a loaf of bread while walking towards us. Sometimes, when she got distracted by the cartoons or sounds from TV, she'll stop and standing there until she finished the show, and then she'll continue her walking journey.
Tiffy always point to her shoes when we are about to go out. She understand the meaning of 'wear shoes' and what is 'shoes shoes' and will sit down obediently when we ask her to do so, waiting for us to put on her shoes and bring her out for a walk.
With her improving walking skill, I've made her walking in and out, up and down herself nowaday, holding onto my hand. Hmm...Maybe another month, she can go shopping with me without the stroller. Hopefully I wouldnt chase her like a mad lady in shopping mall that time :p

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

She's here!!!

I feel so relief and relax today, SHE'S HERE FINALLY!!!! With her around, I do not need to carry Tiffy walking up and down the staircase for hundred times in a day, causing my stomach's muscle so pain, I have someone to accompany Tiffy when I'm not feeling well, I have someone to do all the houseworks, the most important, I have someone to cook my favourite, yet healthy foods starting today.
To get her as our helper, we got many feedbacks, opinions, thoughts. Some said, do you really need her around?? So, what you are going to do at home? Become 'big lazy snake? Some just kept quiet, but we can feel the displeasure in the air. Some said, why dont you get a Indon or Philipino maid instead? I believe hubby and I have made the RIGHT DECISION, THE BEST CHOICE after careful consideration.
Hubby does not need to help me bathing Tiffy, feeding Tiffy every morning, causing him late to work sometimes. He does not need to come home early simply because I'm not well and unable to take care Tiffy. He has healthy and nutritious breakfast every morning and can concentrates in his work now.
Tiffy's no longer need to have only porridge as her lunch, dinner everyday. She can have more variety now, from rice with soup, pasta to vermicelli. She can walk as much as she wants.
With her around, I suppose the world will become more beautiful and peaceful, less quarreling and less complaining :)

Monday, July 20, 2009


We are so proud of Tiffy as she understands the meaning of SHARING. She's willing to share everything she has, from toys to foods.
Each time, when she's eating bread or biscuits, and told her, 'feed daddy' or 'feed mummy' or ' feed gong gong' or 'feed ma ma' or anyone around her, the little one will pinch a small piece, and put it into our mouth. Then, pinch another small piece for herself, and give us a grin :)
Sometimes, when we ask for more, she will pinch another piece and put into our mouth before feeding herself. Although sometimes she pinches a real small tiny piece for us, I always complaint to her, saying 'Tiffy arrr, why you so stingy, so small, mummy cant even see it ohhh!!!' but in my heart, I'm happpy, as long as the meaning of sharing is there, who bothers if it's a small or big bites :D

Sunday, July 19, 2009

2 人世界 vs 6 人世界

两人的世界 - 甜蜜,却总少了点酸,苦,辣,咸

三人的世界 - 快乐,却少了点互动

四人的世界 - 让人有所期待的

六人的世界 - 三代同堂,是最幸福的吧!

生活 = 简单 = 快乐


Saturday, July 18, 2009


I thought that Tiffy's face is looking more and more girlish nowaday...If some people have mistaken her gender few months back when her hair is short and spiky, her face looks boyish, dress up in pants and romper most of the time, it's understandable...
That day, when I brought Tiffy for a walk in front of the house, my next door neighbour was actually telling me that your son very 靚仔...Har??? 靚仔?? She's girl girl wo.....nevermind, I've get used to this statement...People always get confused with Tiffy's gender.
This morning, when mum-in-law and I was holding Tiffy's hand for a walk in front of the house again, my next next next door neighbour was telling us again...'Wah!!! your son very 靚仔'.... At first thought, I was like, HUH?! Then immediately I told her that she's a girl.
At night, I told hubby about this incident, and told him how wasted it is, if Tiffy is a boy, she will be a 靚仔 ohh!!!! Aiseh :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nose bleeding again

I was sitting in the living room accompanied Tiffy's playing with her toys. When I stand up and wanted to walk towards Tiffy, all of a sudden, I felt some liquid came out from my nose, I just knew it!!!! I'm having nose bleeding again.
I had nose bleeding during my last pregnancy too...I remembered I had nose bleeding on the 1st day of CNY in year 2008, while everyone got ready to go back to hometown Penang in that morning. Because of this incident, I didnt make my trip back to Penang. Neither I had the chance to enjoy the good foods during CNY as I was having nose bleeding for the few days after that. Due to the seriousity of my condition, I dropped a visit at Sunway Medical Centre to do a proper nose scan. Luckily the result in the report was negative. Doctor commented that I'm having sensitive nose, due to the pregnancy, I might need to take extra care of my nose, ie keep the environments clean, no smoke, no strong perfumes and etc.
Hmmm....nose bleeding is obviously one of my symptoms of pregnancy. In order to get myself feel more secure and comfort the worry among hubby and inlaws. I do a check on the info of nose bleeding in pregnancy from internet.
'Pregnancy can cause the blood vessels in your nose to expand, and your increased blood supply puts more pressure on those delicate vessels, causing them to rupture more easily. Although it's unpleasant and inconvenient, an occasional minor nosebleed is generally harmless.'
Thus, it's not a big issue since I'm having a minor nosebleed :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby fruit (8-10 months) - Cucumber, Grape, Kiwi


Preparation :

When selecting a cucumber to offer your baby, ensure that there are no cuts or bruises. You want a more firm cucumber as this indicates freshness. You may offer your baby squished cucumbers or mix cucumber with other foods.

Nutrition :

Cucumbers are good sources of Vitamin C and A. They also contain calcium and potassium.
Cucumbers are mostly water and as a baby food, they really do not offer a lot of nutrients. While the skin of a cucumber contains fiber, it is not a good idea to serve the skin to babies or toddlers.

Age for Introduction :

Offer cucumbers to your baby when she has turned between 8-10 months old. Many parents report that cucumbers have made their babies and children gassy so do keep a watch out for increased gassiness.


Preparation :

Peel grapes and blend or puree as needed then serve or blend with other foods.

You may skip the peeling of the grapes if you are able to dice or puree them so that no choking hazard is present.

Nutrition :

Grapes contain flavonoids that may be responsible for heart health and protecting against "bad" cholesterol.

Age for Introduction :

Grapes do not pose an allergy risk rather, they pose a choking hazard.

Not a good choice to serve as a "meal", grape puree is wonderful mixed with chicken, sweet potato and applesauce. We recommend serving grapes cut into small quarters and smooshed around 10 months old. Using pureed grapes earlier is fine.

We also recommend adding grapes to a baby safe feeder and allowing baby to chew on the grapes through the feeder. Freezing the grapes prior to adding them in the feeder is soothing to teething babies gums.


Preparation :

Peel kiwi and blend or puree as needed.

Nutrition :

Kiwi fruit (chinese gooseberry) is rich in vitamin c, fiber, potassium and even folate. Kiwi is not a high allergen however it is acidic.

Age for Introduction :

We recommend serving kiwi cut into small dices or mashed between 8 to 10 months old. If your baby has shown any food sensitivities, you may want to hold off serving kiwi until she is between 10-12 months old.

The acidity of the fruit may prompt mouth rashes and possibly rashes on the bottom.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baby food (10-12 months) - Spinach, Tomato, Fish


Nutrition :

Spinach is an amazing source of Calcium. Spinach also contains respectable amounts of Vitamin A and Selenium too.

Spinach is an oxalate food as well as a nitrate food so for babies, eating spinach in moderation is a good idea.

Preparation :

You may steam or boil spinach however we recommend sauteeing in a wee bit of olive oil.

Spinach is cooked when the leaves are soft, tender and have shrunk. Cooked spinach will appear to be stringy and "wilty".

Age for Introduction :

It would best to wait to introduce spinach into baby's diet until between 10-12 months of age. Waiting until after 10 months of age to introduce baby to spinach, particularly homemade spinach, would ensure that the nitrate issue has passed.


Nutrition :

Did you know that a medium sized tomato contains approximately 47% of the (U.S.) recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamin C, and approximately 22% of the RDA of vitamin A.

Due to the Vitamin C, you should make the tomato another great food to help absorb Iron.

Preparation :

When selecting Tomatoes for homemade baby food, try to purchase fresh whenever possible. Choose unbruised or otherwise unblemished tomatoes that are a bright red. When possible, buy tomatoes that are still on their vines as they will remain more fresh. Always purchase tomatoes that are firm but nor hard; you may always ripen tomatoes on the counter.

Tomatoes should never be refrigerated until they
(1) have been cooked,

(2) have been cut or put into a raw dish like a salsa, or
(3) are fully ripe and would spoil if left further at room temperature.

Place tomatoes stem end up, and don't put them on a sunny windowsill to hasten ripening. Instead, put tomatoes in a sealed paper bag with or without ethylene-producing fruit such as bananas. Ripe tomatoes will hold at room temperature for two or three days. Ripe tomatoes you've refrigerated to keep from spoiling will taste better if you bring them to room temperature before eating

You may steam or sautee tomatoes; we prefer to saute in a wee bit of olive oil and then puree or mash. Of course, you can make tomato sauce in the traditional way.

Age for Introduction :

Tomatoes are typically not recommended to be introduced to an infant until somewhere between the 10th and the 12th month of age. The reason for this is not due to possible allergies per se, rather the acidity of tomatoes may prove harsh on a more immature tummy.

Tomatoes are actually fruits and they contain a high level of acidity that may prove harsh on a tiny tummy as we mentioned. With that being said, there are many babies who have eaten tomatoes prior to the recommended age and have had no issues. Many parents offer babies tomatoes as early as 8 months old. Should you decide to offer tomatoes, please use fresh only. Also, please be sure to offer the tomatoes cooked - either as a sauce or sauteed with other veggies. It is said that cooking the tomatoes (much like cooking strawberries) may reduce the acidity and be more gentle on a tiny tummy. If you notice a rash around the lips/mouth and the bottom, this could be indicative of baby having a reaction to the acidity of the tomatoes. Please keep a look out for such occurrences


Nutrition :

Fish contain all 9 amino acids - this means that fish is one of the few sources of complete protein.

Preparation :

Fish may be poached, broiled or baked. Baking will help the fish maintain more nutrients and is always recommended as the best way to cook fish. Poaching fish is a great way to prepare fish for baby. Poaching fish for fish baby food recipes will allow you to create yummy fish dishes that are flavorful and exciting for baby's tastebuds.

**Ensure that the fish you will be using in your fish baby food recipes is thoroughly de-boned.

Age for Introduction :

Many sources suggest waiting until after 3 years old however this applies mostly to shellfish. Other sources say that introducing fish to a baby at 9-10 months old is perfectly safe. The type of fish you would choose for baby would be the "white" fish such as Flounder, Sole, Cod, Haddock etc.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vicks in curing cough

Tiffy's having cough for few days. I feed her with the Eu Yan Sang chinese medicine, hoping it can cure her bad cough. However, yesterday night, when she's about to fall asleep, she cough so badly until her face and both eyes so red...aiyo!!! see also feel heart so pain!!! Hubby requested me to bring her to doctor tomorrow morning. Alrite!!! but to help her sleep better tonight, I thought of Vicks which friend recommended it before and also there is one email talking about the effectiveness of Vicks. Thus, I tried it on Tiffy.
The treatment by following the email :
To stop night time coughing in a child, put Vicks Vapor Rub generously on the bottom of the feet at bedtime and then cover with socks.
It's effective!!! Soothing and comforting Tiffy's bad cough and she slept soundly after that.
The next morning, after bathing Tiffy, I noticed there are many red spots on Tiffy's tummy and back!!! So, I immediately bring her to doctor. Hmm....guess what?!! Doctor said Tiffy has allergy, that's why there are so many red spots on her tummy and back...I think it was caused by Vicks as I did not introduce any new foods to her these few days, I suppose Vicks will penetrate thru Tiffy's skin into her body, right??!! Doctor didnt comment much about the allergen I mentioned, just reminded me to becareful and keep an eye on Tiffy.
After applying the lotion given by doctor, the red spots have gone...Hope that the cough will go away soon too.
P/S - The intruction on the packaging of Vicks was actually stating to apply for kid age 2 and above. So, parents out there, if you wish to try out this method, do monitor your kid for any allergy symptoms.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Eight days after Tiffy's right lateral incisor on lower gum showed its face, the left side lateral incisor is also emerging slowly too. Although Tiffy has a total of 8 teeth now, but most of the people still seeing Tiffy only has 4 bunny teeth. Maybe because her central incisors are bigger in size.
Most of time now, Tiffy's sucking her pointer like this. This resulted her hand, her face, her cheek are full of saliva smell. I gotta shower her 3 times a day, wash her hands for hundred times, wipe off the saliva on her face for thousand times in order to get rid of this 'disgusting' smell.
Tiffy, sucking finger is a bad habit hor....

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dancing with pony

Tiffy loves her birthday pressie from kai kai ah yi and grandma, which is a Fisher Price roll-along musical pony.
Well, Tiffy doesnt like to ride on the pony. She hasnt discovered the benefit of this pony, which she can ride on it and move around easily. But she loves to play with the pony, she loves to press the pink music button at the pony's cheek and dance with the music.

Nothing goes to waste. See!!! Kai kai ah yi, before Tiffy makes used to the pony ride, lets dance together with Tiffy :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First day as a toddler

WAH LAO !!! Tiffy, first day as a toddler, you gave mummy such an unforgettable memory huh?!


.Yesterday midnight around 3am, I heard Tiffy was making some disturbing sound, when I open my eyes to check on her....OMG!!! from her facial expression, I know she's making big business in the silent midnight....Tiffy arrr, how can you 'kek sai' in such a midnight!!! You forgot to pass motion before you go to bed yesterday night meh?? or you are having tummy upset?? Aiyo...I cant even remember when is your last time you poo poo at the midnight le, Tiffy!!!


You keep kok'ing the 'sai' with both your eyes refuse to open up...Aiks!!! I was thinking....'sei lo, your 'sai' now is not really a 'small sai business' like when you are 2-3 months old, how am I going to clean it without awakening you le?'


Luckily when I checked on your diaper...It isnt that much after all !!! While mummy do the cleaning for you, you just sleep like a piggy, dont even open your eyes to see what's this your pressie for mummy as you turn to a toddler for the first day??!!!

** showing mummy this face when you woke up the next morning as if nothing happened yesterday midnite, aiseh!!!**

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tiffany's 1st year

Firstly, I'm so glad that Tiffy's blog still exist and has been updating timely. It's important and meaningful as it records every single developments of Tiffy, happy things, funny events, important date of Tiffy for her very first year. Tiffy has growth up so much...from a fragile baby to an active and cheerful toddler today. She has experienced so many things in her first year. And this is the time to make a conclusion for Tiffy's 1st year.

Tiffy, here you are....

  1. My name is Tiffany Tan, and this is the name reflected in my birth cert.

  2. My chinese name is 陈琳. Yes, only two words.

  3. I have many nicknames, but no worries, I'll respond to all my nickname :)

  • 公公,婆婆 called me 'leng leng'

  • 外公,舅舅 called me '宝宝'

  • 外婆, 姑姑,姑丈,Harris, Shannon called me Tiffany

  • Nanny called me 'Lam Lam'

  • Daddy, mummy called me '小宝'

  • Daddy mummys' friends, 阿姨,Rachel, Chloe, Jeffrey called me '阿宝'

  • 姨丈 called me '胖妞'

  1. I was delivered at Roopi Medical Centre on 7.7.2008 by Dato Roopi.

  2. My face has a black purple bruise as doctor use forcep to force me out.

  3. Kai Kai Ah Yi was the first to visit me at labour room. Of course daddy was with me all the while.

  4. Sadly, my maternal great grandmother pass away one week before I come to this world, so, I have no chance to meet her. And it also resulted my maternal grandpa and grandma unable to visit me at hospital nor at home for the 1st month.

  5. When I was only 1.5 months old, daddy mummy sent me to nanny's house for day and night as I was very naughty that time, they both unable to settle me. (However, they both cried like 'pig head' on the first day they sent me to nanny's house)
  1. I stop my midnight feed when I was 2 months old.

  2. I have my first outstation trip to Ipoh when I was 3 months 12 days old (19.10.2008) - To visit uncle Kevin's son

  3. I have my first passport done when I was 3 months 17 days old (24.10.2008)

  4. I have my first soft toy, whose name is SOCKS when I was 3 months 26 days old (02.11.2008)

  5. I have my first swimming experience when I was 4 months 16 days old (23.11.2008)

  6. I have my first walker experience when I was 4 months 26 days old (02.12.2008)

  7. I have my first tooth when I was 4 months 28 days old (04.12.2008)

  8. I have my first 4 days 3 nights trip to Penang when I was 4 months 29 days old (05.12.2008)

  9. I have my first overweight experience when I was 5 months old, which recorded as 8.4kg

  10. I have my first solid taste when I was 5 months 14 days old (20.12.2008)

  11. I speak my first word when I was 6 months 4 days old (11.01.2009), which is papa

  12. I can sit without support for the first time when I was 6 months 14 days old (20.01.2009)

  13. I have my first aeroplane experience to Langkawi when I was 6 months 20 days old (27.01.2009)

  14. I have my first swimsuit when I was 7 months 1 day old (08.02.2009). It's a red polka dot swimsuit

  15. I finally roll over when I was 7 months 25 days old (02.03.2009)

  16. I wean off pacifier when I was 8 months 3 days old (10.03.2009)

  17. I wave bye bye for the first time when I was 9 months 19 days old (26.04.2009)

  18. I can pull to stand when I was 10 months 7 days old (14.05.2009)

  19. The most happiest thing, I discovered I'm going to have a brother/sister when I was 10 months 11 days old (18.05.2009)

  20. I have my first photography journal at Pangkor when I was 11 months 4 days old (11.06.2009)

NOW, TODAY, I'm turning 1 year old...I'm no longer a baby but a toddler. I can finally eat anything and everything without getting permission from mummy. Soon, I'll be able to walk by myself, and then learn to poo poo at potty, feed myself, sleep by myself....And then, daddy mummy will send me to classes, I'll be soon have the chance to meet up with other toddler out there, playing with them, chatting with them...I'm full of excitement awaiting my 1st year being a TODDLER !!! :D

Wow, I'm 1 year old today !!!!


Weight : 11.3 kg
Length : ? cm
Head : ? cm

My diet :

8.5 oz milk, every 4 hours, 4 times a day (Enfapro A+)
1 portion of cereal or oat in the morning
1 portion of fruit in the afternoon
2 portion of porridge in the afternoon and evening

New foods of the month :

Tofu - Love it :)
Ice cream - Love it :)
Guava - Love it :)

My very first pearly white :

Total 7 teeth

2 front teeth on the bottom jaw
1 lateral incisor on the bottom jaw
2 front teeth on the upper jaw
2 lateral incisor on the upper jaw
(Sign of another lateral incisor on the botom jaw is coming out)

My sleeping pattern :

Sleep throughout the night from 8.30 pm to 7.30am
Take 2 times of nap during day time, each time around 1.5 hours to 2 hours (10am and 3 pm)

** Sleep on daddy mummy's bed this month, so syiok :D ~!~!~!**

My new developments :
  • Able to walk two or three steps without support
  • Loves to stand and resists sitting down and being carried
  • Very mobile, uses a combination of moving with butt, cruising along furniture and chair or walking.
  • Can walk very fast when someone 's holding my hand.
  • Know how to lift up my feet and climb up a staircase
  • Uses simple gestures, such as shaking head for “no”
  • When I'm full, I'll pat on my tummy, showing I'm '饱饱'
  • Understand the meaning of 'chor chor (坐坐)' and will obey the instruction when I saw mummy's holding my shoes.
  • Tries to imitate words
  • Imitates use of objects after I observe other people use them.
  • Expresses interest in what adults are doing, like reading newspaper, talking over the phone, cutting fingernail, using keyboard and mouse to online, using camera
  • Very good in shaking body and dancing
  • Loves to open and close cabinet doors, then empties out cabinet to play with contents, such as plastic food containers.
  • Can wave bye bye in a more proper way
  • Resist naps because I'm busy exploring, playing and learning.
  • Repeats action that makes people laugh. I love an audience.
  • Shows tremendous understanding on things adult said… Also on things adult ask me to do, like to hold things, or to lie down or sit (chor chor), or to tidy up the toys
  • Clap hands happily when I hear the song of 'Happy Birthday'.

My mood :

  • Temper tantrums to express frustration or anger when I can't have my way.
  • Over-pampered. Know when to fake my crying to seek attention.
  • Love to laugh. Will laugh happily over every single little thing.
  • Has endless energy

My language :

  • Says 'papa' (dad)
  • Says 'bao bao' (hug hug)
  • Says 'bao bao' (bread or Pao)
  • Says 'jie jie' (sister)
  • Says 'gong gong (grandpa)
  • Says 'ai~~' with hand waving (which means bai bai [byebye])
  • Says 'bok' (book)
  • Imitates words like van, car, cake, taxi, lorry, bus, dog, duck....Sometimes can pronounce it properly without understand the meaning.

Monday, July 6, 2009

If you want to vomit...

Tiffy's having runny and cough again since last Monday. I did not bring her to doctor as it only began with mild runny nose, instead I feed her with Eu Yan Sang chinese medicine. She recovered from runny nose on Wednesday. On Thursday evening, I was eating chocolate ice cream and as usual, Tiffy looked at me and the ice cream with her pity facial expression. I was thinking no harm to let her taste a little bit of it since she's almost 1 year old. At night, I heard she cough for few times. The condition became more serious the next days. She even vomit out what she ate when she cough. In order not to dirty and mess up the place, I showed her how to vomit into a pail.
Tiffy, this is the pail for you to vomit....When you cough and feel uneasy, hold the pail towards your face.
Ya, aim accurately to the pail and nod your head down....
Ouuukkkkk into the pail!!!! This is what you should do what you feel like vomitting, ok??
Tiffy, you dont think mummy is silly horr~~~this is very important when it's emergency, dont vomit on the bed or floor again ya...
Mummy, I find it more interesting to use the pail like this....
Mummy, HELP!!! I cant see you~~~~
Hahahaha.....mummy is being cheated by me.....
Wuahahaha!!! so funny :D
At night, Tiffy cough half way sleeping. She cant stop coughing and cry....I can sense that it's emergency, so I put the pail under her chin, and YES!!! She vomit, vomit into the pail....After that, she feel more easy and fall asleep very soon....Hmm...hopefully she'll feel better tomorrow...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pour water game - part 2

Tiffy hasnt get bored with her pour water game. Each time, when I feed her water, she will pretend as if she wants to hold the bottle herself and then starts her trick. She also discovered that not only bed surface or fingers' pressure can lead the water out. She uses her palm, her thigh, her foot, my face, daddy's face, kai kai ah yi's chest, book, bottle cap and anything she could find to play with the water.


Seeing her laugh hapily with her pouring water game, I really cant resist to let her continue with her favourite game :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

11 weeks 2 days

Done my pregancy check up today, our baby has finally graduated from an embryo to a foetus now...We can see clearly the shape of our baby's head. Doctor let us listen to the sound of baby's heartbeat...Hmm....I still find it like a 'horse race' sound, just like how I feel when I heard Tiffy's heartbeat last time :)
From the measurement of ultrasound, baby is around 4.46cm by now. 5 more days to go...I'll be entering the last week of my first trimester, I wish all the tiredness, sickness will go away after the week 12. I wish I could move into my next trimester with more energy, confidence and excitement. *finger crossed*
Btw, I think we should give a better nickname to our second baby, I get confused with '大宝' and '小宝'...We used to call Tiffy as '小宝' and now Tiffy is going to be big sister, so '小宝' becomes '大宝'...Yet, sometimes I still confused if hubby is referring to Tiffy or our second baby when he called '小宝'. ** really blur le... #_#**

Friday, July 3, 2009

Big eater

I could feel that Tiffy's weight has increased, I could hardly carry her more than 5 minutes, I feel breathless when I need to carry her to walk up or down the staircase. I bring her for weighting this morning. The figure on the weighting machine was showing me that her weight has increased 800g in less than 1 month, from 10.5kg to 11.3 kg. As aspected, no wonder she's so 'heavy' to be carried nowaday.
How much can a baby eat in a day? Is Tiffy taking too much food in a day?
Hmm...Normally, Tiffy takes her 1st 8.5oz of milk at 7.30am. And then, Tiffy can easily gulp down 1 piece of Gardenia white bread or a 'char siew pao' (of course without char siew) while I'm having my breakfast at 8.30am. Followed by Tiffy breakfast time at 9.30am, which will be 1 bowl of cereal or oat (with banana sometimes).
Around 10.30am, Tiffy will take her 1st nap. Wake up at around 12pm for her 2nd feed of 8.5 oz of milk. While waiting for her 2nd solid of the day at 2.30pm, she'll take some rusk, biscuits or fruits as and when it's available. After her porridge feed with fish or chicken at 2.30pm, she'll has her 2nd nap. Wake up around 5pm, take her 3rd feed of 8.5z of milk. Play play play...she'll gulp down some more white bread or biscuits between her meal. Around 8pm, take her last porridge of the day. She'll be put to sleep. Before the day end, she'll has her last milk feed of 8.5 oz of milk around 10pm for her to sleep soundly until the next morning 7.30am.
Tiffy loves to eat...Each time, when there are foods around, Tiffy will keep pointing it until you surrender and give it to her. She loves bread and durians.These are the 2 type of foods she ate the most for the last 4 weeks. My mum keep reminding me that I should have control Tiffy's appetite before it's too late. BUT, I just cant resist to give her more foods!!! :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

7 teeth girl girl~

Finally, Tiffy's 7th tooth has shown its face. It's the right lateral incisor, which grows on lower gum. This tooth supposes to grow when Tiffy's 7-9 months old. I'm not sure if the other left lateral incisor at lower gum is sprouting, as I could only see white spot on that area, but I couldnt feel any sharpness of the tooth yet.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photos in my phone

I love this function of my new phone. It can snap panorama photos...
And these are my favorite photos of Tiffy.
(Took it while having lunch with sister at Rakuzen Chulan Square)

Sleep soundly after a very full lunch..ZzzZZzzzzZz...