Thursday, August 28, 2008

Baby Tiffany growing up.....

Baby Tiffany has done the 1st checkup on 9/8/2008...check up and injection was done at hospital tawakal...

Baby 1st month weight - 4.7 said that baby tiffany has been growing up very well !! :D

Photo taken on 23/08/2008

Baby Tiffany with family

Mummy brought Tiffany back to grandpa's house right after fullmoon.

Photo taken on 06/08/2008 - grandpa 1st time carry Baby Tiffany

Da Yi, Ke Shin jie jie, Ke Er jie jie and Jeffrey gogo came from Johor during school holiday...purposely travel here to see this little sweetheart.

Photo taken on 24/08/2008 - Da yi with baby tiffany.

Photo taken on 24/08/2008 - grandpa, grandma with 4 little kids.

Daddy has made big effort to learn how to carry baby tiffany comfortably....

look at the picture...hmmm...'chi mou chi yong'...not bad not bad :)

Photo taken on 23/08/2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

Baby Tiffany Fullmoon Party on 02.08.2008

Baby Tiffany was so happy this day....keep smiling once wake up...

After taken bath in the morning...grandma has arranged all the stuff for praying....

' baby baby arr... need to be 'guai guai' ya....'kuai gao zhang da' ya' :)

Doorgift for guests

Blossom design cupcake

Aloha design cupcake

Baby girl design cupcake

Self-DIY BaBY announcement card

~~Happy Family~~