Sunday, July 20, 2008

How daddy and mummy discover u --- Baby Tiffany!

On 07.11.2007

On this special day, mummy discovered u --- inside mummy's belly (although mummy was not 100% sure that the test is accurate) ...Mummy sms daddy and told him this big news..somehow, he is busy ying chou'ing client outside :(

On 08.11.2007 (Deepavali)

Today is a public holiday, most of the clinics are closed

Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby..Baby...Baby...ur smile melt mummy's heart!

~~Mummy's sweet heart~~

Baby Tiffany likes to smile when ppl call her name when she is sleeping...
Photos captured on 18.07.2008 morning when daddy was calling her name...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Precious moment~~

Tiffany's Hospital Bracelet

Baby's cord drop off on 14.07.2008 ...

according to Auntie Joanne, she said must keep this cord that when baby grow up, it will be easy to 'wan sek' (cari makan) :)

Baby's Arrival ! - Part2

Now is the time, today is the day.
Here comes the baby! Look! Make way!

We give you our love, our special dear.
No more waiting...You're finally here!!

Everything Baby...

Birth date : 07.07.2008

Time of delivery : 3.50pm

Name of hospital : Roopi Medical Centre

Mummy was in labor for : almost 12 hour (in duce at 4 am and delivered at 3.50pm)

Doctor/midwife's name : Dato Dr.Roopi

People in the delivery room : alot of nurses, doctors and DADDY

Who cut the umbilical cord : Dato Dr. Roopi

Weight : 3.3 kg

Length : 52cm

Color of eyes : Black

Color of hair : Black

What you looked like : an innocent baby who has a pair of big round eyes rolling around to look at this world

How we celebrated your birth : Daddy was so excited...walking in and out from labor room to tell mummy how u look like and what u doing in baby's room....Mummy was extremely giddy after delivery....(bcos of the epidural?? i dunno) ..Er Yi came to visit mummy and baby Tiffany at labor room after delivery...

How daddy and mummy chose your name

How we chose your name : daddy and mummy plan to have ur chinese name with only one word 'Lin' ---> CHEN LIN....simply becos dad and mum like the words and pronouciation .... next time when u go to nursery or school, u will be having good day...cos ur frens might need to write 3 words, but u only need to write 2 words.....heheh :p

hmm...about ur english name....daddy and mummy thought of few Hazel, Charlene, Tiffany...Mummy likes Charlene very much..which the name Charlene means Little beauty....but your Da Yi said....Charlene like 'zha lin' time will kena ejek by frens....:) At last, daddy and mummy decided to name you as Tiffany objection anymore, cos registered in ur birth cert already....Baby Tiffany, mummy and dadddy love u oh!~~!~!

What your name means : Tiffany means appearance of God....CHEN LIN...according to uncle Tau Chuein...he said chen lin means x 0...every single digit mutiply with zero equal to zero wo.....

Your nickname : Xiao Bao (called since the 1st day mummy know she is pregnant) - shortform of xiao bao bei (little sweetheart)...that day, Grandma said she wants to call u Lin Lin...OMG~!~! NO!!!!!! pls dun call Lin Lin....mummy dun like it....can either call u Tiffany or Lam Lam (pronounce in Cantonese)....sounds so much better...:D

~~Tiffany's birth cert ~~

Journey of pregnancy

Mummy before Tiffany was borned

Daddy before Tiffany was borned

Tiffany's nursery

Mummy at 4 mths pregnancy
Mummy and daddy, Auntie Rain and Uncle Fai at Bali - 10.01.2008

Mummy at 6 mths pregnancy

Family and frens dinner at a seafood restaurant at Johor - 21.03.2008

Mummy at 7 mths pregnancy....

Company department lunch at IZZI - 02.05.2008

Mummy and Daddy at uncle Yew Yuen's wedding - 10.05.2008

Mummy at 8 mths pregnancy

Mummy and Auntie Lay Ching

Mummy at 9 mths pregnancy

Da Yi, Er Yi and mummy at Genting

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby's arrival

Day 1 - 07/07/2008

Weight - 3.3kg
Length - 52cm

Day 3- 09/07/2008

Blur blur baby Tiffany vomit milk at hospital.

Day 5 - 11/07/2008

Back at home - new style of sleeping position

'surrender style'

Day 6 - 12/07/2008

Guiness Stout bath...oops...18SX

feeling fresh after bath...but eyes look blur

Day 7 - 13/07/2008

- Another new style of sleeping post - 'Super girl' style

Day 10 - 16/07/2008

yeah yeah~!!~!~ i'm the winner